​​Woodleigh places great emphasis on the care and development of all its students.

At the Senior Campus, pastoral care is the concern of all teachers, but it finds a special focus in the Homestead program. The focus of Homestead life is Pastoral Care; that is, knowing and helping each of its members. Central to Homestead is the notion of it being a ‘home’ where students belong, feel accepted and appreciated. Like a home, it is responsible for the nurturing and growth of each of its members.

Homesteads are far more than places where students store their books, socialise at break times, play games and listen to music. A Homestead consists of four groups of between 16–18 students each from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Each group has a Tutor who is their main pastoral carer. Each Homestead has a Homestead Coordinator.

Homestead is also an area that develops a sense of community. The members of this community are responsible for their environment. Students contribute ideas towards improving their environment and then are encouraged to do work associated with this. Gardening and cleaning are part of the student’s responsibilities.

Senior Homestead Charter

We take pride in looking after our school and our environment. We strive to create a space that is environmentally responsible and reflects our values. We show respect for ourselves, for others, and the environment.

We empower and celebrate individuality and diversity in all its forms. We are community-minded and committed to inclusivity. We show respect to everyone in our learning community and create positive connections with others. We respect the difference in each other’s circumstances and practise empathy.

We take pride in our actions, and we praise the contribution and effort we see others making. We celebrate personal growth and aspire to be our best.

We plan for success and come to class with an energetic approach to learning. We recognise that success is achieved through dedication, patience, and persistence. We strive for personal excellence.

These principles are our starting point: our goal is to share these values with the world.