Thirteen short years. That's how long we spend at school. It's where we grow into ourselves, develop friendships and character and begin to find our place in the world.

The experiences we have, and relationships we develop over this time, are some of the most influential of our lives. At Woodleigh, we do everything we can to encourage students to be adventurous learners.

Woodleigh’s Founding Principal, Michael Norman, put it best when he said…

"We ought never to do for young people what they, with a struggle, could be expected to be doing for themselves."

From Early Childhood to the first years of Junior School, to the final days of Senior School and beyond, Woodleigh students have the space and agency to evolve. The Woodleigh experience is deeply interconnected and all students are encouraged to be adventurous in their learning.

At Woodleigh, students are known. We embrace the diversity of skills each individual brings to our community. Much more than success at school, education at Woodleigh focuses on young people having fulfilling lives in their every day, as well as preparing them for a full life in a future we can't easily anticipate. How do we do something like that? We plan, very strategically, a rigorous academic and experiential curriculum of purposefully designed learning. We ensure that when the joys and challenges come along, students will have the complex capabilities to work through them. 

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Discover what adventurous learning looks like in:

Woodleigh questions the status quo, challenges conventional thinking, and makes courageous choices about how best to engage young minds. We have always pioneered the concept of holistic education and have the courage to imagine a better world for all of us.

Welcome to Woodleigh; the School for Adventurous Minds. I invite you to visit us and experience first-hand the difference a Woodleigh education offers.

David Baker
David Baker

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