Years 1 and 2 are into it!

We have had a successful start to the year for 2023; It is hard to believe we have just finished week 4 of Term! We have settled in well to our routines and have been very active in our learning.


We have commenced our Read Write Inc (RWI) program, and the children are working well in their groups and should be bringing home their readers to show their reading at home. Remember, the RWI readers have been ones they have practised in class, and they should be extremely fluent and expressive when they read them.


During maths sessions, we have been looking at number knowledge with a special focus on counting. We have been doing a lot of work recognising counting patterns and sequences and using our prior knowledge to find numbers in sequence. We have also been discussing collecting data and displaying what we find effectively.


Within our 'Who We Are' topic, we have been celebrating our similarities and differences and acknowledging that while we are all individuals, there are certain values that we all feel are important such as friendship and kindness.

Our Central Idea is

  • Exploring beliefs and values within community helps people understand and make connections with others.

Our lines of Inquiry for this unit are

  • Diversity in communities (including families)
  • Beliefs and values that connect us to people
  • Connecting with others through our beliefs and values

From week 6, we will move on to our new unit, 'How we organise ourselves.'

Discovery Day

It has been great to venture out for Discovery Day to explore Overport Park and get to know each other. It was wonderful to see the students work together and use some of what we have been doing in class, exploring 'our patch' and apply it while we were out there.

Discovery day photos

Finally, we are looking forward to the fair coming up; if you haven't already, please sign up to help out at our class stalls and purchase your tickets online.

Kind Regards

Liane and Lexi