Enrol Your Child at Woodleigh School

Selecting the school that’s right for you is an important process. 

Our Enrolments team is committed to making your experience as personal and enjoyable as possible.

Please call us on 5971 6100 or email for information.

Woodleigh School is a place that affirms openness, independence, creativity, self-motivation and initiative; elements that you can sense as soon as you enter the school. Woodleigh School is entirely coeducational and committed to the belief that this is the only suitable setting to educate both boys and girls for adult life.

Applications for Enrolment may be submitted at any time throughout the year, and early applications are encouraged, to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your child in your preferred year of entry.

Welcome to Woodleigh.

Enrol Online

To place your child on our applicant list please apply online, making sure to include all required documentation.

Whilst an application does not guarantee your child a place, it does ensure they are added to the enrolment list and considered for their desired year of entry.

Applications are ordered by date of receipt, with consideration given to current families and children of past students.*

*Other levels of priority exist. Please call Sally Hicks, Director of Enrolments for further information 5971 6100.


Enrolment Information Sessions

​Enrolment Information Sessions are presented regularly at Woodleigh School. These sessions give a complete and broad understanding of the ethos and philosophies of the school as a whole.

Sessions are held at each campus and include information about our academic curriculum, sport, The Arts, Camps and Activities programs, and exchange opportunities. These sessions offer an invaluable insight into life at Woodleigh, both in the primary and secondary years. Evenings conclude with a Q&A session, providing parents with the opportunity to ask the Principal any questions they may have.

Bookings for Information Sessions are required.

Please register your attendance by filling out the form below.

We also offer regular group tours of the Minimbah, Penbank and Senior Campuses. Click here to book a Campus Tour.

Campus Tours

Campus Tours

Woodleigh School invites you to join us at our Minimbah, Penbank and Senior Campuses to discover more about what makes Woodleigh the school for Adventurous Minds.

Tour our grounds and buildings and learn how we support every individual to follow their own path.


Minimbah Campus Tours focus on ECC-Year 6 programs at the School.

Minimbah Campus Tours may also be held at other times by arrangement with Rod Davies, Head of Minimbah Campus. Call 9788 6488 to make an appointment.


Penbank Campus Tours focus on ECC-Year 6 programs at the School.

Penbank Campus Tours may also be held at other times by arrangement with Vivienne Wearne, Head of Penbank Campus. Call 5978 8425 to make an appointment.


Senior Campus Tours focus on Year 7-12 programs at the School.

Senior Campus Tours may also be held at other times by arrangement with Sally Hicks, Director of Enrolments. Call 5971 6100 to make an appointment.

Woodleigh Fees

Application for Enrolment

An Application for Enrolment form may be submitted at any time. The application is not binding, and enables your son or daughter’s name to be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate year and level.

No place is guaranteed until after interview and a Letter of Offer received by you and the Terms of Business and Student Entry Fee returned to the School. The application form must be accompanied by a payment of $100.00.

Student Entry Fee

A Student Entry Fee is payable prior to the commencement of each child at Woodleigh School. No place is considered reserved until the non-refundable Student Entry Fee is paid.

Entry to the School is available only to children with reserved places. A reservation will not be confirmed until a written offer of a place is made by the School and the Student Entry Fee has been paid.

The Student Entry Fee is a non-refundable amount of $900.00.

Woodleigh School Fees for 2022





3 Year Old

$8,182 $117

4 Year Old

(4 days)


$13,897 $1,529

Year 1

$15,267 $1,529

Year 2

$16,942 $1,529

Year 3

$19,969 $2,046

Year 4

$21,410 $2,280

Year 5

$21,944 $3,805

Year 6

$22,099 $4,392





3 Year Old

$8,182 $117

4 Year Old

(3 days)


$13,897 $1,529

Year 1

$15,267 $1,529

Year 2

$16,942 $1,529

Year 3

$19,969 $2,046

Year 4

$21,410 $2,280

Year 5

$21,944 $2,280

Year 6

$22,099 $5,565



Year 7

$24,859 $3,563

Year 8

$24,984 $3,545

Year 9

$25,868 $4,178

Year 10

$26,791 $3,639

Year 11

$27,612 $2,452

Year 12

$28,030 $2,034

* The Tuition Fee and Consolidated Charge for year levels 3-Year-Old ECC to Year 11 will be charged in four (4) equal instalments (January, April, July, September) and Year 12 in three (3) equal instalments (January, April, July). Fee statements will be sent out two weeks before the commencement of each term.


Building Levy

A Building Levy of $695.00 per family will be charged in four (4) equal instalments.


  1. Tuition Fees for each academic year will be set by the School Board and notified to parents in the preceding year.
  2. The School Board reserves the right to alter Tuition Fees and Consolidated Charge during the course of the academic year. Any such increase shall come into effect 28 days after written notification of any such increase has been provided to parents.
  3. Further accounts will be issued during each year for costs and incidental charges that accrue during the course of each term, for example, costs associated with the Activities Program, Activities Weeks, Camps, and some other elective programs.
  4. ECC Minimbah Campus: The 4 Year Old program operates four days per week (currently Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm). The 3 Year Old program operates two days per week (currently Thursday and Friday, 9am to 3pm).
  5. ELG Penbank Campus: The 4 Year Old program operates three days per week (currently Tuesday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm). The 3 Year Old program operates two days per week (currently Monday and Friday, 9am to 3pm).
  6. Children commencing during term will be charged on a pro-rata basis for tuition only. The Consolidated Charge and Building Levy will be charged at the term rate.
  7. Sibling discounts: A reduction of 5% is given on Tuition Fees for the second child, 25% for the third child and 50% for the fourth and subsequent children who are at the School at the same time.
  8. A full term’s notice of withdrawal from the School is required, otherwise a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

Payment of Fees

Fee accounts must be paid by one of the following methods:

  • Prepaid Yearly Tuition Fees - A discount of 2.5% is granted to any family wishing to pay the year’s tuition in one instalment. For the 2022 year, this payment is due for payment prior to Wednesday 15 December 2021. Please contact the Finance Office to organise the relevant paperwork.
  • Payment in full within 14 days of the issue of the account. This payment may be made by BPAY, credit card or cheque.
  • By eleven monthly payments (February to December) either by direct debit authority from your credit card or bank account, processed on the 15th day of each month. If you wish to pay your account monthly, please contact the Finance Office. Email or call (03) 5971 6100. Applications must be received by Friday 21 January 2022.

Books and Stationery

Students at Woodleigh will be expected to purchase some of their basic textbooks and all of their stationery requirements, using booklists prepared by the School.

Music Tuition

Music for Years 5–8 involves an Instrumental Program in conjunction with a Classroom Music Program. Outside of Years 5 to 8, charges for hire and use of instruments will be $57 per term. These charges cover depreciation and maintenance. Where students provide their own instruments there will be no instrumental charge.

In addition to compulsory Music education classes and ensemble playing as part of the normal weekly school timetable, we can offer private tuition in the following:

  • Piano A piano should be available at home for practice.
  • Guitar All styles.
  • Percussion Tuned and untuned percussion including Drum Kit.
  • Strings Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.
  • Woodwind Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone.
  • Brass Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba.
  • Singing Contemporary or classical style.
  • Theory/Aural skills General skills and/or exam preparation.

Instrumental lessons are charged a full term in advance.Instrumental lessons can commence throughout term at any time. If commencing mid-term, the first term’s fees are charged in arrears.

The cost of tuition at Senior Campus will be:

$60.00 per 40 minute individual lesson.

$39.40 per shared 40 minute lesson.

$90.00 per 60 minute individual lesson.

The cost of tuition at Minimbah and Penbank Campuses will be:

$45.00 per 30 minute individual lesson.

$29.80 per shared 30 minute lesson.

Instrument Hire

$58.00 per term (depending on availability)

Withdrawal From Lessons

If a student is not continuing individual music lessons, written notice must be provided to the Music Administrator by the end of the fifth week of that term. Please email The school will send a reminder each term asking for notification should you wish to discontinue lessons. If we do not receive notification in the given timeframe, lessons will be expected to continue and charged until the end of the following term.

Parents will be billed on their fee account each term.

Students will be charged for missed lessons unless 24 hours notice of absence is given.

Adventurous Minds Scholarships

At Woodleigh, our annual scholarship program searches for the next generation of Adventurous Minds – curious students who continuously question, searching for knowledge and understanding.

Woodleigh is seeking students with a love of learning, students who try their best every day, whose application, effort, and engagement mean that they will find success in almost everything they do.

Creative thinkers, who strive for excellence and are dedicated to their community, are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for this year’s Adventurous Minds Scholarship Program are now open. We invite applications for entry into Years 5 & 7 in 2024 and Years 5, 7 and 10 in 2023*.

Applications close on Friday 12 August 2022.

All candidates are required to sit a scholarship examination on Saturday 20 August 2022 at Woodleigh School’s Senior Campus, 485 Golf Links Road, Langwarrin South**. Testing starts at 9am and will finish at approximately 12.45pm.

Supporting documentation (as outlined below) must be uploaded by Friday 12 August 2022 via the link provided upon receipt of your child’s scholarship application.

A $95.00 non-refundable application fee is charged to cover the administrative and testing expenses and must be paid at the time the application is lodged.

Students applying for entry into Years 5 and 7 in 2024 may apply for an Academic, Music and/or Principal’s Scholarship. Applications for these scholarships are open to current Woodleigh students and to students not currently attending Woodleigh School:

  • Academic Scholarships are awarded to the most highly able students. Students who display outstanding academic ability on the scholarship test will be invited to an interview with the Principal.
  • Music Scholarships are awarded to students who show evidence of a high degree of talent in their chosen instrument/s. It is expected that applicants can perform to a minimum standard of AMEB Grade 3 (for Year 7 entry) or AMEB Grade 2 (for Year 5 entry), or a comparable level.
  • Principal’s Scholarships are awarded based on sound academic potential, a strong desire to learn and the willingness to fully participate in the co-curricular life of the school. Leadership skills, citizenship qualities, a commitment to community service, and a particular talent in Visual or Performing Arts, Music or Sport, are all key selection criteria.

Students applying for entry into Years 5, 7 & 10 in 2023 may apply for a Principal’s Scholarship (see description above)*.

*Applications for Years 5, 7 and 10 in 2023 are only open to students not currently attending Woodleigh School.

Inclusions & Expectations

Adventurous Minds Scholarships range between a 20% and 50% remission of Tuition Fees but may be for differing amounts. Additional costs, such as the Enrolment Application Fee, Student Entry Fee, Consolidated Charge, some camps, private music lessons, uniforms and books are not part of the Tuition Fees and are not covered by the scholarship unless otherwise stated.

All Woodleigh School Adventurous Minds Scholarships are awarded with the intention that the successful candidate will continue through to the end of Year 12 and are subject to annual review by the Principal. If it is felt that the student’s work or behaviour is below standard or inappropriate, or in the case of a Music Scholarship, where the student withdraws from studying their specified instrument, the Principal reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship with reasonable notice.


Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview with the Principal and/or an audition with the Director of Music. Being invited to an interview or audition is not a guarantee of a scholarship offer.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised via email at the conclusion of the selection process. This process can take several weeks to complete.

Testing results will not be released.

Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal whose decision is final.

Further Information

It is an expectation that families whose children are applying for a scholarship will have attended one of Woodleigh School’s regular Enrolment Information Sessions and completed a Campus Tour. Bookings can be made via the Woodleigh School website.

**The scholarship examination is conducted by Edutest Pty Ltd. Registration for a Woodleigh School Scholarship is part of the Edutest results transfer process. If a student applies for more than one school (both of whom use Edutest), then the student will complete one test only at the school with the earliest testing date. The results are then shared with the other school. A scholarship application must be submitted to each school that you wish to apply for, in accordance with their scholarship application process and requirements.

Supporting Documentation

Following the submission of your Woodleigh School Scholarship Application, you are required to submit a series of supporting documents.

Specific scholarship types require additional supporting documents to be provided. Please read through the list carefully to ensure that you supply all the documentation as requested.

Documents must be submitted in full by Friday 12 August 2022. Documents submitted after this date will not be considered.

You are only able to upload documents on one occasion, so please be sure to have all your documents ready before submitting.

All supporting documentation must be uploaded in .pdf, Word or .jpg format.

Required Documents

All candidates (including current Woodleigh School students) are to provide:

  • A copy of the candidate’s Birth Certificate.
  • A passport-style photograph of the candidate (head & shoulder image with a plain background, jpg file preferred).
  • A copy of the candidate’s full Semester 1, 2022 school report.
  • A copy of the candidate’s full Semester 2, 2021 school report.
  • A copy of the candidate’s most recent NAPLAN test results (if available).

Recommended Inclusions

We recommend that a summary page be created with a dot-point list of the candidate's talents to highlight their attributes and achievements.

Principal’s Scholarship candidates should provide:

  • Evidence of a particular academic talent or participation in academic pursuits, e.g. Tournament of Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, UNSW ICAS.
  • Evidence of participation in academic enhancement programs or academic awards, e.g. debating, Chess Club, Faculty Awards.
  • Evidence of entrepreneurial or leadership skills, citizenship qualities or involvement in any community or service groups, e.g. School or House Captain, Scouting, St John’s, Surf Life Saving, participation in community fundraisers.
  • Evidence of a particular talent in Visual or the Performing Arts, e.g. Music exams, theatre or dance productions, samples of artwork.
  • Evidence of a particular talent in sport or a physical pursuit, e.g. football, netball, swimming, triathlon, equestrian, snow sports.

Academic Scholarship candidates should provide:

  • Evidence of a particular academic talent or participation in academic pursuits, e.g. Tournament of Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, UNSW ICAS.
  • Evidence of participation in academic enhancement programs or academic awards, e.g. Debating, Chess Club, Faculty Awards.

Music Scholarship candidates should provide:

  • Evidence of varying solo or ensemble performances.
  • Duration of study.
  • Examination gradings.
  • The ability to perform on more than one instrument is highly regarded.
  • Candidates may also like to include a reference from their music teacher.

For more details contact our Enrolments Team on 03 5971 6100 or email

Interested in Woodleigh School Scholarships beyond 2024?

Register below for future scholarship years and we will let you know as soon as applications open.

Please note that this is not an application for future scholarship programs.