​Careers counselling enables students to clarify career aspirations, investigate career options and develop job skills. Career education is integrated within the total curriculum with attention focused on the world of work at Year 10 level. At VCE level, particular emphasis is placed upon selection of appropriate subjects and preparation for tertiary study or employment. Many students have also discovered vocational interests through the Activities and Activities Weeks programs.

Forward Thinking: Selecting an appropriate course

The VCE is designed to be a two-year program and the following questions should be used to guide student choice:

  • What am I most interested in?
  • In which studies am I most likely to succeed?
  • What Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority (VCAA) requirements must I meet in order to complete my VCE?
  • What studies are available at Woodleigh School?
  • What VETiS studies might I be interested in?
  • What prerequisite and recommended studies do I need to undertake for a particular career pathway? (The easiest way to find these is to check the most up-to-date VICTER publications on the VTAC website
  • What advice have I received from parents, teachers and the careers advisor?

The scaling and selection arrangements used by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) have been designed to support this approach to subject selection. The only exception to this is the built in encouragement to study a LOTE where after the normal scaling, the scaled mean is increased by 5. This bonus should not override the above principles for study selection but may act as an incentive to retain a language when the decision is close.

Students may select a program that has a specific orientation (for example, Business, Science, Arts), or one that has a more general focus. It is strongly recommended that students select at least two units of Mathematics where possible. All students should see the program as personally useful, both as a means to an end and as the most interesting and challenging way of completing VCE.

To learn more about Careers at Woodleigh, please head to our Career Tools website.

If you have further questions contact the Director of Careers, Ros Allen, at or call 5971 6100.