Broadening Horizons

The Broadening Horizons program is open to students in year 10 and 11. It provides students with a real-world experience, enabling them to develop a real understanding and unique education experiences that are tailored to developing relationships.

All partnerships are designed to develop respectful young people, who feel ready to play their role in social justice across the globe – people who embody their values and understandings, and act upon them. Our young people are encouraged to embrace diversity and celebrate individual differences. All components are immersive and underpinned by strong relationships developed over many years.

Students will:

  • Develop greater awareness and understanding of global issues
  • Gain attention to life outside of the safe and secure environment of the Mornington Peninsula
  • Practical opportunities to further develop independence, resilience, and initiative in more challenging environments
  • Experience and be inspired by how individuals can make a difference
  • Develop life skills through experiences that will require courage, generosity, imagination, and resolution
  • Tangible ways to embrace the importance of service to others, global responsibilities, and cultural understandings
  • An opportunity to co-develop projects and tackle global issues
  • Challenge and confront tokenism and the belief in the superiority
  • Foster understanding, goodwill, respect, and friendship

Intercultural Opportunities for 2022

  • Cambodia Partnership
  • French Cultural Visit
  • Round Square International Conference

All elements of our intercultural and Round Square opportunities have been designed as educational experiences – not “tourist” experiences – and should, at times, be challenging for our students. They are designed for students who have already demonstrated a good degree of resilience, independence, and initiative. It is not the type of program that will automatically 'bring out' these skills in those still 'beginning' in these areas. It is also expected that they will have demonstrated an interest in relevant issues (i.e. Indigenous, international, globalisation and/or social justice). Students should also have demonstrated a strong commitment, beyond academic achievement, to personal development and responsibility.

Cambodia Partnership: December 2022

The Cambodia Partnership program is predominately based around Chumkriel Language School, Kampot, and staff and students work with the Language School and the local community on various existing projects.

Students will gain an understanding of the Khmer culture and history as well as develop an insight into the positive and negative impact of Westerners volunteering in developing countries. The group takes a hands-on approach, and the trip will include teaching and running activities for local children and community projects.

Expenses: Approximately $3,000

Expressions of Interest: There is a selection process for students which may involve a written application and interview by a panel of staff and students who have previously been involved

French Cultural Visit: December 2022 to January 2023

The French Cultural Visit is designed as a language and cultural enrichment program and is open to students intending to study French in Years 11 and 12. A key outcome of the French program is expected to be the improvement in students’ language skills. It is worth noting that this is not a school-to-school exchange.

CIVEL (a small organisation specialising in these types of experiences) is the organisation responsible for the placement of Woodleigh School students in appropriate schools and with families. The duration of the program is for between six to seven weeks, from around December until January. Depending on student numbers, one or two staff members travel and 'lead' our group for their first ten days in Switzerland and France. This includes traveling with the students around Geneva for three days during the acclimatisation phase and then spending around a week in Lyon to assist students if required during their settling-in phase with their host family and school. Students return to Australia in a group but unaccompanied by a Woodleigh School staff member.

Expenses: Approximately $3,600

Expressions of Interests: There is a selection process for students which may involve a written application and interview by a panel of staff and students who have previously been involved

What is Round Square?

Round Square is a worldwide network of over 200 schools across six continents. Round Square schools transcend conventional education and provide students with opportunities that encourage personal growth and service to others. The opportunities of Round Square present students with the chance to meet challenges head-on in preparation for life.

Whilst most of the member schools are highly individualistic, all schools share a commitment to character education and experiential learning built around six themes, which are summed up neatly by the acronym, IDEALS.

These are:

  • International Understanding
  • Democracy
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service

The Round Square community cares passionately about what happens to our world and to the fascinating variety of cultures and communities it supports. We want those communities to thrive and prosper and care about each other in mutual cooperation. To achieve this, we need courageous and compassionate leaders throughout the world who are prepared to discover and embrace different cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding and respect.

The Round Square network of schools support and promote a particular approach to education that is values-based. At its heart, values-based education deals with qualities and attitudes, with personality and strength of character. It comes from experiences, real-world learning and periods of reflection. It has the capacity to instill a passion for lifelong learning and provide the personal 'noise filter' necessary to develop higher-order thinking skills. Both are essential for the constantly connected, communication-rich i-Generation.

Today’s students are the next generation of business, political and community leaders. It is our responsibility to shape the way in which they understand, prepare for, and respond to the world’s challenges both now and in the future. Ultimately we want our students to understand that whatever field of work or career they enter into, with a spirit of the Round Square IDEALS they can – and should – make a positive difference in the world. They don’t have to wear a backpack and hiking boots to experience adventure; they don’t have to be a doctor to save lives; they don’t have to go on a community service project to help a community in need; they don’t have to run a charity in order to be a compassionate leader.

Round Square International School Visit: 4 - 6 weeks

Students have the opportunity to participate in a school visit with any Round Square school in the world for around six weeks. These School Visits are usually reciprocal and occur at a mutually convenient time. They are a great opportunity for students to experience school life in a totally different setting. When students are on a School Visit, they are expected to participate in academic classes in their host school fully and, where possible, in co-curricular opportunities.

Round Square Member Schools beyond Australia can be found at the Round Square website.

Expenses: Airfare

To Apply

There is a selection process for students which may involve a written application and interview by a panel of staff and students who have previously been involved. An expression of interest form can be downloaded here.

The coordinator of each program will then run at least one additional Information Session pre-departure. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact:

Deputy Principal - Community, Culture and Student Experiences