Year 9 Natural Science Class

During Science Week, the Year 9 Natural Science class used the film 2040 to get inspiration to develop and present their ideas for a sustainable food system at Woodleigh. Working in small teams, they came up with some fantastic views. These included a trout farm utilising the pond near the gym, an urban farm, vertical gardens, regenerating the vegetable gardens around the homesteads, honeybees, edible native plants, fruit trees, solar panels, wind turbines, lower emission livestock feeds, native pastures and an insect production system. Many more ideas were discussed. One group even produced a song.

The students would like to see the products in our canteen and food technology area and excess food sold to the broader community. Here is a sample of their ideas:

Students can choose to learn, operate and sell the goods of the farm at markets.Barney& James

Woodleigh in 2040

Woodleigh is already such an environmentally and ethically conscious school, that hopefully by the year 2040, the school will be 100% self-sufficient or relying on renewable energy sources. By then, we expect the Woodleigh community to have a strong awareness of the environment around them and a lot of knowledge surrounding Indigenous methods of land conservation and climate change. Imogen & Pippa

My idea for food sustainability would be a day once a week where all food products sold from the canteen are incorporated from the Woodleigh farm. The foods will be healthy, cheap and sustainable.Bryn

We could start to put bees in the farm area of the school because honeybees will improve the food being grown and improve the health of animals around them, making honey and pollinating the native flora. Zach

Visions for a more sustainable Woodleigh

There’s a whisper in the Woodleigh breeze
Reminding me of sustainability
That whisper builds
That whisper cries
Healthy soils in the morning sky

Sample of the song Lyrics by Taj, Ted & Joe

Aghort Teacher - Farms Program CoOrdinator