Music Projects

During remote learning, Year 8 Music students were tasked with creating a soundtrack to an existing movie clip. 
The unit began with a student exploration into the concept of the use of music to create 'mood.' Students were asked to find and study video clips that contained music. They then analysed how the different 'elements' of music – tempo, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, instrumentation, etc., were used to enhance the clip's visual aspect.
Students then selected a clip to work with and created their musical soundtrack and sound effects using Garageband/iMovie.

Please enjoy this awesome example created by Richard G.

"I picked the clip because I thought it would match with a lot of styles of music. It Was hard to match up the music to the clip and took a lot of tries to get it to match, I enjoyed it though Its fun editing and it’s a great feeling when it's finished and you get to watch it and see how it looks." Richard G – Y8

A musical exploration into pitch and melody took an exciting turn when Year 7 students began raiding their parent’s cupboards and dressers for jam jars and glassware. “Why?!” you exclaim with amazement, smattered with incredulity. Well, the activity was to perform a popular song, but with the added challenge of creating the instrument first. Not just any instrument, but an instrument made from vessels filled with different volumes of water. To attain the pitches they required for the notes of their performance, students had to carefully experiment with the amount of water in each glass - a wee dram of science here!

I’m sure you’ll agree that Tom’s decision to utilise a towel for his fantastic rendition of 7 Nation Army, proved to be a sage one; as some millilitres of his liquid bass note, leapt eagerly from the glass. Enjoy!

7 Nation Army – Pitch & Melody
Thomas P – Y7 

Music Teacher