Year 7 Queenscliff Camp Reflection

I found this camp very enjoyable; it felt a lot freer than other camps I’d been on at my previous school. I felt that we could just be at one with our surroundings and enjoy our time on camp; it didn’t feel like there were many restrictions. 

This meant that we had to be more independent although still being able to work together. For example, while cooking, we had to help each other; I found this idea of being independent to be a really positive component on camp. 

A big highlight for me would be bodyboarding and surfing, I found bodyboarding to be more fun but both were really enjoyable and again felt really freeing. These activities were good just to get away from everything, leave worries behind and just have fun with friends. Another massive highlight of the camp would be going to the Water Park and going on all the rides with my friends, really just being able to enjoy ourselves and have a lot of fun. 

One of the most challenging things during camp would be the day when it was really wet and we couldn’t do much, a lot of clothes/towels and equipment got soaked but there were ways around this; a dryer, a heated room and just manually drying. Overall this has to be one of the best camps I’ve ever been on and was a really positive experience.

Year 7