Year 7 Poetry

A Wilted Light

Negative space created by shadows,
A glowing haze covering the air,
The sun becomes frustrated,
Grey clouds reject the light,
With the wind as their engine,
They cover what’s bright.

Aurelia P

A Clock

A continuous countdown,
Watching and waiting for the last strike,
Repeating numbers and 12-hour slumbers
An enemy to all.

Aurelia P


The cheater
Can you see it?
The elusive spots and solo act,
Thinking kill, survive,
Not gonna sign a treaty pact,
Thirst for blood,
Striving to kill,
Nuclear weapons,
Who are we to stop its will?
The empty smile,
Plotting planning,
Death, war
Grinning all the while.
Who says we are free?

Lilly C 

Canning Stock Route WA

The cool breeze and the rustle of leaves
The smell of woodfire smoke and eucalyptus trees
The forever desert planes and no water for days
The deep and shallow wells and the rotting animals
The bones on the side of the road, the smell of dirty clothes
The red sun, the red sand, the red ants
The freezing nights and clear sky for miles
The stars that lead the way over the sand dunes
Welcome to WA enjoy your stay!

Charlotte T

Tall Trees

The ancient trees mutter secrets to me, warped bark embedding the past and coming. Remnants of curious thoughts and crammed minds, pools of recollection settle inside. I peer into my memories searching, smells of salt, sand and rippling water. My young imagination, luminous. As I grow older the trees get taller.

Milla L 

Opa’s Chair

Family, his history in Germany, Jewish and panicky. Shattered, he boarded a ship to Australia. Carving carefully, led to couches and chairs. Black, wrinkled, worn and whole stands Opa’s chair.

Milla L 

Ode to the outdoors

Jagged leaves as sharp as thumbtacks, they HURT!
WobbLy tree trunks bumpy like lizard skin
Engines quite faint but birds piercingly loud!!!
Icy breeze straaaaight out of the sea it burns
Smells smoky like a virus is lurking
Slimy leaves slide in my open palm
My mouth as if a chimney gushes air
The world slows but nature continues to grow.

Sonny C

The Ocean

Birds singing and chirping
The waves crash over each other
But always end back at the shore
The sea is glistening like the stars
Looking fragile yet strong
Cars drive by but never stop
The sea sweeps up the shells
Leaving me with cold sand

Liv Mc