Year 7 Poems


Love the laugh of the
cackling kookaburra and the
feeling of the fresh
freezing frosts on the grass.
Jump up and down
flip round and round
while on the trampoline.
Smile when you see
the love of a bee.
Forever love a tree.

Shayla C


Fluffy fat cat
eating my food
showing me that
she's extremely rude.
But the pretty polite dog
sits and stares
showing me that
he really cares.

Matilda G


Cutely, quietly
Sleeping and snoring
Loudly, angrily
Scratching and pawing

Sneakily, silently
Running through the house
Quietly stalking
A rat or a mouse

Softly purring
Waiting to be fed
Thinking of munching
Some tasty rat’s head.

At last she is full
Falling asleep
Dreaming as always
Of what she’ll next eat.

Griff M

Ode to the climbing rope 

sitting there,
up that mossy rope
hanging off the big oak,
that’s me you see.
hidden away from everything
and everyone who could change me,
but I don't listen, i just want to be me.
up in the sky so high,
like a bird ready to fly.
I don't feel human nor animal.
I feel, free,
I'm me 

Bec J

Ode to a sunny day                                    

A black, blurred out canine sprinted past me
The sun blinded my squinted eyes and teeth
Wet green grass, parrots chirping, wood burning
My friend the moon hid from my bright spirit
The warm summer breeze put my mind at ease
Mosquitos, butterflies and ladybugs
Everything sang in the moment of fun
Which was originated by the sun

Mia A

The Beauty of nature

I feel the crisp, cool breeze brush past my shoulders.
I feel the damp grass and the smooth bark on my skin.
I smell the fresh soil in the ground.
I smell the sweet fruit and the bitter smoke in the air.
I see the tall, tall trees and the lush green plants.
I see the beautiful, clear blue sky
I hear the birds softly twittering, and the crickets chirping peacefully.
I hear the waves gently lapping against the shores.
I feel, I smell, I see, and I hear; nature.

Danny A