Year 7 Activities Reflections – Term 1 2022

Short Film Production

I chose the Short Film Production Activity as I am interested in film production. I learnt how to edit well, and the film we produced at the end was amazing.


Snorkel Diver

I chose this Activity because I love the ocean and all the cool things in it. I learned all the ways to enter the water and saw all the good animals in the water. It was really fun, and I would love to do it again.


I chose snorkelling for my first Activity, and I really enjoyed it. I never really had a "passion" for snorkelling; I just thought it would be fun to do. I learned how to do a duck dive with a snorkel, which I didn't know how to do before. I had my friend snorkelling as well, and it was nice to chat to her a bit and swim around looking for sea creatures. One of my memories during this Activity was when we were swimming over a rocky patch in the ocean, and I was about to put my feet on the ground when my friend pointed out a stingray.


I knew it was the Activity for me because I love the ocean and the marine plants and animals that call it home. I dream of becoming a marine biologist when I grow up. Despite having a snorkel and mask, I hadn't learnt the proper skills on how to use it, so therefore I wanted to challenge myself and learn. The skills I learned were independence, trust, identification of marine life, proper snorkelling techniques, patience and resilience. The amazing snapshot it gave me of what opportunities I have at this school has ignited a passion in me. Thank you to all the teachers throughout Activities this term for the great guidance they have given me.


Futsal – Indoor Soccer

This Activity was great as I really like soccer and futsal. I learnt how to work better in a team, and my favourite memory was when I saved a goal and people were surprised. The funniest thing I saw was someone scoring an own goal.


Circus Skills

I chose Circus Skills as I have never been able to juggle, and I thought it would be cool to learn. In the end, I learned it in the first session! I learnt how to walk on stilts as well, which was for me, the highlight of the Activity. The funniest memory was when all of the balloon animals were popping! Everyone was startled when they popped, and I don't think there were many survivors in the end. Activities are a really fun and creative way to engage kids and get them to learn in ways that they may not have before.


I chose to do Circus Skills because when I was younger, I had this book, and they rode a unicycle. Since then, I've always wanted to learn how to do it. During the sessions, I learnt how to do tightrope walking, ride a unicycle, balloon animal making, juggling, how to balance, teamwork, and patience. Our teacher was always kind, helpful and patient. Activities is so fun, and I can't wait to do more.


Make Your Own Laser Cut Jewellery

My favourite Activity this term was Laser Cut Jewellery. I learnt how to use a laser cutter to make cool stuff, such as some Megamind jewellery.



I have always wanted to do archery, so I jumped at the chance when it was available through Activities. I learnt about the different types of bows and how to stand while you shoot.


Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop

I chose the Photography Activity because my cousin is a photographer, and I love what he does, and I wanted to see if I could do things he does and maybe more. I learnt how to edit and take amazing photos of basic things. My favourite memory was of the photos I edited and my cousin's face when I showed them to him.


The Woodleigh Farm

I love animals and want to work with them when I am older, so this was a great Activity to be involved in. I want to start horse riding, so I thought it would be good to get to know the horse, Max. During the sessions, I learnt how to walk the horse and donkey and how to wash them. I really loved the farm, and it has definitely inspired me to start riding.


I wanted to do this Activity, so I could understand how to look after animals. During the sessions, we learnt about feeding, walking, and preparing animals for show.


Brian Henderson Reserve

I love animals and want to work with them when I am older. I thought this Activity would be good to see what it was like working in a reserve. I learnt what Kangaroos, Wallabies, Quolls and Emus eat and what plants are weeds and what aren't. My favourite memory was getting to feed the animals each session.


Skating at the Shed

My favourite Activity this term was Skating at the Shed. I chose this because I love skating. During the sessions, I learnt how to ollies, gain the confidence to skate on bigger ramps and do airs.


I chose this Activity because I already skate a little bit, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to improve my skills. I learnt how to rock the fake and how to drop into the bowl and how to give things a go. It was great to learn how to skate with my friends as well as meet new people.


Cross Country Running

I chose Cross Country Running as I wanted to work on my running skills. During the sessions, I learnt about warming up and warming down and how fast to go in various races.

What I will remember from this Activity is how much my running improved over the unit.


Mixed Media

My favourite Activity this term was Mixed Media as I love doing art and I enjoy exploring different art. What I learnt was that just because stuff isn't perfect doesn't mean it doesn't look good. It doesn't matter if your art doesn't look completely amazing; the point is to have fun with it and not compare your art to others.


Music and Theatre Technology

I wanted to do this Activity because I really liked music and technology, and it sounded like my jam. During the sessions, I learned how to rig and patch a light fixture and how to make a show. What I will remember from this Activity is that you don't want to be hit by that mirror ball.