Year 6 Update

We are nearing the end of term and remain hopeful that we will complete our final term of primary school back at school!

Throughout the Continuous Learning Program, we have been able to 'maintain the rage' and keep the momentum going for our production of The Lion King. This is mostly due to Mrs. Wong and Mrs. Fletcher's commitment and creativity, who have continued to work with the children during singing and production rehearsals. Building excitement behind the scenes, or the camera, Mr. Hicks has run regular cinematography sessions, 'zooming in' on techniques needed when filming the production. Many students have also enjoyed our 'stitch and chill' sessions and worked on creating one part of their costumes, learning some sewing skills along the way. Notices regarding costumes will be sent out this week, and some costume pieces will need to be sourced by individual characters. 

Over the past couple of weeks, the students have begun their transition to Senior Campus with personal interviews. The students' feedback has been positive, and they have communicated their hopes and questions during those interviews. Throughout Term 4, we will be running a six-week transition program designed to address many aspects of moving on up. There are also some free seminars available to parents about the transition to high school, organised through the Mornington Peninsula Shire. Please see the link below:

Here is a summary of what's been happening in the Year 6 Continuous Learning Program and what lays ahead.


  • In addition to independent reading and listening to our class novel (The Doldrums), we examined how news was delivered to consumers over the decade – noticing the importance of visuals and how fact and opinion are expressed. We have also attempted to identify the meaning behind memes, how they are constructed, and how they are used as social commentary tools.
  • We are putting the final polish on our narrative writing, based on the 'Pixar-in-a-Box' series. We will now be shifting our writing focus to expositions and speeches ahead of TEP Talks next term.
  • Weekly grammar and spelling sessions have continued to concentrate on student writing needs, including vocabulary, tone, word structure, plurals, and suffixes.


  • In recent weeks, we have had a year level focus on volume, definition, understanding of prisms, the difference between area, volume, and surface area, and knowing the correct formula for determining a range of 3D shapes. 
  • Individual Maths Goals have continued to provide all students with an opportunity to fill the gaps in their knowledge, with weekly check-ins on Fridays being crucial to ongoing, iterative improvement.


Our current unit of inquiry has completed its circuit! Under the umbrella of Sharing the Planet, students have:

  • Investigated sources of power, their impact on the environment and the equity of access to resources in the community
  • Demonstrated their knowledge of power/electricity production through the design of an energy app, which focused on one energy source
  • Explained how the app would work to improve the efficiency of energy use in a household and community, or how energy was produced within an operational plant
  • Acquired some new skills with the help of graphic tools within Pages to document their app production and were reflective through the inclusion of a self-assessment rubric.

We are now moving into a new unit of Inquiry: How we express ourselves, with the central idea of:

People use creativity to convey meaning and connect with others

While this unit will have natural links to our production of The Lion King and TEP Talks (more information to come), there will be many further opportunities for students to explore their creativity online and (hopefully).

As we countdown to the end of the term, we are acutely aware of the struggles that students and families (and teachers!) are going through to maintain focus and school enthusiasm. Please reach out to us if you feel you need support, and we will do our best!

JACQUI & ANDY Year 6 Classroom Teachers