Year 6 Update

What a remarkable term! How grateful we are that we could be back at school together before the semester has concluded! The students have been nothing short of incredible. The return to school has been exciting, reconnecting, and learning how to work together again. The students are returning to the Homestead with a better understanding of how to learn and manage this learning.

We continue to use our iPads and Seesaw to organise our days and as a journal to record our learning. They are valuable tools for making learning visible and providing feedback. The students are developing critical organisational skills that will hold them in good stead as they transition to secondary school next year.


Our Inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Where we are in Place and Time,’ has the central idea:

‘Sharing stories of migration can build compassion and understanding.’

We are exploring this idea through a contemporary lens, using stories of current immigrant and refugee experiences to understand how and why immigration laws are developed. We have also investigated the impact of cultural influences on modern Australian life and considered what would be lacking without them.


Our reading experience has included non-fiction, informative, and opinion-based writing. Students have had the opportunity to read and view sources, articles, videos, interviews, legislation, and information texts. They have responded to texts by identifying the author’s purpose, the main idea, and any opinion or bias.

Building on these skills, we have also endeavoured to write persuasively while addressing both sides of an argument. We have investigated time connectives, using them to sequence and avoid repetition. 

Our spelling and grammar program will continue to evolve based on individual student needs, identified through ongoing review and assessment of work. We have focused on technical aspects of writing, with the view to applying proofreading and editing skills across written work in all subject areas. We also expect students to maintain their reading and record this in their digital reading logs.


Our approach to Maths continues to be a two-pronged attack:

  1. Personal Maths Goals – students are becoming much more familiar with this routine, and it has been a pleasure to discuss their own maths goals regularly. It has allowed us to target specific needs, and we encourage students to dip into these tasks regularly at home and school.
  2. A whole class focus through to the end of the term will be reading and manipulating data using a known mathematical process to prepare them for representation in graphs. This has included understanding how fractions are related to percentages, and how scale can affect how data is read and understood.

Gabby Williams is continuing to work with a small group of students to participate in the problem- solving competition – APSMO.

We wish all a wonderful mid-year break and hope that you all stay well and enjoy the holidays. See you all back at school next term!

Elfie's take on ISO karaoke, performing a song from her Foundation year. Enjoy!

Year 6 Classroom Teachers