Year 6 Production – Time After Time

Our Year 6 students are looking forward to performing in the 2019 Production, ‘Time After Time’. It’s a totally student-devised and written production and promises to be a wonderful experience for all participants and audience members. Get your tickets now for one of the two performances to be presented on Thursday 29 August in the Woodleigh Hall at our Senior Campus.


Set in a time before ours where magic roams freely, there lurks a devious witch, a treacherous illness, and a secret. Twins, Billie and Grace, are driven to theft when the mysterious illness sweeps through their village, and they are sentenced to five years in prison.
Accompanied by their new jailbird friends, Billie and Grace discover the truth about time as well as the secret that the Warden Raven has kept from them, that lies deep within the prison. Can Grace and Billie escape to get home again? Or will they be fated to do their time? 

Grab your tickets now and join us to find out!