Year 5 Update

Wow, what a rollercoaster the last few weeks have been, but the Year 5 students have managed to soldier on through, remain positive, supportive, engaged and motivated. Online morning Zoom meetings were the highlight of our days with beautiful smiles shining through, but being back together in real life has been amazing!!

By the time this Newsletter is out, we will have returned from our Study Tour to Sovereign Hill. We were all so grateful and excited that we could go, and we hope that the stories shared over this weekend have been fantastic!

Year 5 students have put this Messenger together with some of the highlights from the last few weeks. We hope you enjoy their presentations.

Detective Evidence

Lookout. The detectives are here and ready to piece together the evidence from the past!

During Term Three, Year Fives put on their detective gear, ready to solve some crime and find evidence. Year fives were asked to piece together and curate the evidence and find out what really happened. We were asked to gather as much evidence as we could from different photos, perspectives and newspaper articles about a specific event in time. Jordan, Poppy R and Ruby M.

Book Club - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

After a long day of hard work, it was such a blessing to be read to by the teachers. It was so relaxing, just sitting back, hearing their soothing voices. The whole class had a delightful time resting as they soaked up the adventures. We all wished this tale would never end being so caught up in the pages and feeling so much for the characters. We all love Edward Tulane, the china rabbit. Gigi, Milla, Ruby, Margaret, Michael.

Roman Numerals

For the Roman Numerals task, we learned about the symbols and what they mean. An example is X = 10. We matched up the symbols with the number and the opposite of that. Something we loved was that they were so interesting, and they were letters for numbers. It was fascinating learning about ancient Roman people and their number language and how the world has evolved. We would love to do this again! Cooper, Ruben and Sofia.

The Best Detective Task Ever!

This task required self-management, persistence, and a perfect idea. But what was this task, I hear you ask…, well this was a task where we chose a civilisation, event, person or place and found evidence to prove that they did exist. I did the Minoans, which is a civilisation you probably haven’t heard about. They were a Bronze Age civilisation and were conquered instead of dying out. They lived on an island called Crete. The time period that they were thriving was 1800-1630. Another project was about the bombing of Darwin during the Second World War. So, as you can see, this project encourages diversity. This was one of the best tasks all year! Joseph

Sovereign Hill School Application Letters

On July 30 – August 2, our class had a choice of two schools to write a letter to. We all came up with our characters with their unique backstories and journeys. Our study tour of Sovereign Hill went from the 4 to the 6 of August and stayed in the mindset of those characters for each school day. The two schools are either The Ragged School or The Wesleyan School. For example, if you wanted to go to the Ragged School, you write a poor and sad back story, and if you want to go to the Wesleyan School, you write a wealthy upbringing back story. We had a choice of how we decorated our letter. For example, we could crumple it up or pour tea and ink on it to make it look old. We were writing a persuasive text so you would beg, persuade or engage the teachers to get into the school you wanted. Livia and Samaya

We were asked to write application letters to go to school on the goldfields. The schools are The Ragged School and The Wesleyan School. I wrote mine to The Ragged School, and it was very fun because you got to get an idea of what life was like back then and how they were treated. I got to find out what my character was like, and I made up a really dramatic, horrible backstory. Charlie V.

Characters in History - Dress Up Day

We all did research about a character in history. For example, I did Cleopatra and learned about her as a ruler. It was really fun to dress up for Zoom. It was good to learn and see what everybody did. We all looked amazing!! Ashanah

The Zoom dress-up day was so exciting. Everybody was dressed up as a different person from history. We got to choose someone from the past and dress up as them. We also had to research two or more facts about the person we were dressed up as. Gabby

The reason we started this task was so we could learn about a specific character in history. We worked on it for two days, and on the day after we finished researching, we dressed up as the character. We chose to replicate the costume and gain the information for two facts to present. You could put a background of where the characters lived or the characters themselves. There was a range of characters from history from the 100s to today, and all of them were interesting. Claudia

We shared facts about our chosen historical character in the Zoom Here are some facts I learnt. Cathy Freeman was the first aboriginal woman to win a gold medal at the Olympics. Cleopatra asked her servants to wrap her in a carpet so she could secretly see Julius Caesar. Kids also did Coco Chanel, Joan of Arc, Julia Child and Leonardo da Vinci. We all had a lot of fun. Lenny

Body safe

We had three sessions via Zoom with Emily. We learnt about emotions and early warning signs. Emily drew a body, and we put our hands up to call out things that we would feel when feeling those emotions. For example: if I’m feeling nervous, I might feel shaky in my hands.

In Week 2, we learnt about personal, private, and public body parts, personal space and consent online. In Week 3, we learnt about tricky times in our life. WE LEARNT ABOUT A SAFE GROWN-UP AND NOT A SAFE GROWN-UP. We discussed what a safe grown-up or an unsafe grown-up might or might not look like. We drew what a safe grown-up looks like, and an unsafe grown-up looks like, and a safe grown-up or an unsafe grown-up could be ANYONE. Elise and Maddie

Zooms and Online Learning

We thought Zooms were ok, but we loved being at school more! The best thing about it was seeing our friends on the screen and all the smiling faces each day. We liked being able to sleep in and do the work in our own time. We also loved being able to eat whenever we wanted. Sierra, Patrick, Jampa, Molly.

Tournament Of Minds

Tournament of Minds is a program for the Year 4s and 5s. With your team, you get to decide from different challenges. The two teams have both chosen Reboot my Classic, which is the challenge where you choose one of these classic stories and make it your own. We have both chosen the Jungle Book. We have remade the characters like Mowgli and Baloo. We had a certain limit of resources that we could use. NO photos to share as it’s a bit of a secret! Lily and Oscar.

There have been many highlights to share, and we hope that you have all had the chance to hear all about Sovereign Hill over this weekend.