Year 5 Update

What a tremendous action-packed few weeks we've had with many plans and dreams to fulfill in the coming weeks before the end of the year. (which is coming way too fast!)

Our Year 5 class is phenomenal! 

They are such an incredible team of people who display such tremendous respect for each other and a real feeling of 'team' and belonging. We are so proud.

In the last few weeks, we have covered so much in Year 5, with 'real-life' connections to our learning being a focus, as well as linking concepts across all subjects to out Inquiry Unit 'How We Express Ourselves.'… and here are just some of the highlights!

Year 5 Activities

Over the last four weeks, we have rotated through 4 Activities. The students have loved each opportunity and embraced trying new things so positively. They want more!

Miss Harris has run 'Clay Play' in the Art room, where the students have loved expressing themselves through clay creativity.

Mrs. Wright has taken her group down to the creek, where they participated in 'Team Outdoor Challenges.' The students enjoy being down at the creek and have embraced challenges positively.

Ms. Hodgkiss has run some very engaging 'Debating Skills' sessions with her group, and the 5s have certainly enjoyed coming up with proof and strong arguments to support their ideas.

Ms. Martin ran 'Mind and Body' sessions where the students have embraced the opportunity to stop, breathe, feel calm, try out some yoga, and focus on making the singing bowl sing! These sessions have been excellent.

Journey Writing

We have been engaged, entertained, and motivated by the Playstation game 'Journey.' Over two sessions a week; the students have been emersed into this provocation by entering the darkened room and joining the 'Journey' capsule. We have watched and participated in the mystical character's intriguing journey, following up with genuinely unique writing sessions. Students have focussed on being adventurous with words, writing like a writer, and using language to show, not tell. We have listed many nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs and then been motivated to experiment with them in personal writing. The students have loved this so much, and the writing has been truly excellent!

Maths Week/Bandana Maths

Over this week, we focused on all sessions on Maths! We covered decimals, fractions, space, shape transformation, angles, and then all that came with the Bandana Maths sessions.

Year 5's should feel very proud to have raised over $1400 for Canteen and then the 'maths' we discovered and explored… counting, sorting, multiplication, division and investigating fractions and decimals… all in the money! It was so real and so much fun!

Lion King Supporting Actors Roles

Congratulations to the 'best Wildebeests ever!' Yes, that's us in Year 5! Look out for the team in the Lion King movie. The class demonstrated their ability to work together and focus during their support role while filming the many runs of wildebeests charging back and forth at the creek.


During a philosophical inquiry into what makes something 'art,' the discussion we had was nothing short of inspiring. It was amazing to hear students sharing their ideas and thinking deeply about a central concept underpinning our inquiry unit, seeing their sense of interest and engagement in each other's ideas, and the importance of community present while unpacking this intriguing concept. We used a concept game to help us explore the very nature of art, requiring students to think deeply about what fits into the category of art and what does not. Students' ability to use and extend their analysis, evaluation, and critical and creative thinking resulted in an engaging and intellectually stimulating and rigorous discussion. 

Kindness Week

Friday 13 November was World Kindness Day. We made it 'Kindness Week' in Year 5. We noted and recognised random acts of kindness, discussed what we thought it meant, how it made us feel, and celebrated kindness.

So as you can see, it's been an action-packed and enjoyable few weeks full of outstanding and valuable learning in so many ways.

With much of the year being online, we hold tight to the valuable time we have left to be together in Year 5. We are looking forward to the last few weeks and feel a bit sad that it's nearly over.

Year 5 Classroom Teachers