Year 5 Update

Here we are in Week 9 this term, and what a term it has been! Our Year 5 students continue to impress us every day with their smiles and happy, positive attitudes. We especially love our live Zoom times, where we can share stories and learning and be together.

The last few weeks have been filled with some beautiful highlights, and we would love to share some of these highlights with you. 

Inquiry Highlights

'Where we are in Place and time!' (That says it all really at the moment!)

In this Unit of Inquiry, we have continued to explore:

  • What evidence is used to tell a story? 
  • How perspectives are different and how this is represented in history.
  • How curating historical evidence can help us understand the events that occurred in the past.

A highlight for us all was our experiential week at Sovereign Hill. (Well, we weren't there really, but we pretended we were.) Teachers and students dressed up each day and acted out the life and times of the 1850's Gold Rush. This was so much fun for us, with the children writing very persuasive application letters to attend The Ragged and Wesleyan Schools. Over the week, students investigated and discovered stories and events from different perspectives during this significant event in Australia's history. Ma'am Hodgkiss and Ma'am Martin certainly had fun bossing students around in an old-fashioned way!

Another highlight was piecing together evidence from famous historical events. Ms. Hodgkiss certainly set the scene in her 'spy movie' provocation, and the students embraced this detective/investigation challenge. Some students made up incredible movies made in the old black and white detective mood, and others presented their theories as taped stories. This task indeed highlighted how we could all see things in different ways and from different perspectives.

This last week students have undertaken a personal History Research task, and this ownership has created great interest and excitement. The students have chosen many and varied historical people and places or ancient events to investigate further. They have enjoyed collecting additional evidence and curating these to tell an exciting story from the past. Some research examples are The Sea Shepard, The Vietnam War, and The French Revolution.

We look forward to sharing these personal projects and historical stories this week.

Maths Highlights

In line with the Inquiry Unit, we have investigated and enjoyed:

  • Making historical timelines, demonstrating an understanding of units of measurement.
  • Some good old-fashioned times tables chanting and counting, plus pavement maths problems.
  • Collecting 'Moooon Maths' and data related to our investigation of the historical evidence of 'man's first steps on the moon.'
  • Fractions of a whole, and a group, and proper and improper fractions.
  • Understanding Roman Numerals and some interesting coding strategies from the past.

Literacy Highlights

This, too, has been connected to our Unit of Inquiry. Much of our English curriculum is incorporated in the Inquiry lessons, tasks, and discussions.

We have:

  • Written journal or diary entries from a person's perspective on the goldfields, including their journey and life in the fields.
  • Made word banks related to history and also investigated some of the reasons spelling rules don't apply.  
  • Taken notes and recorded vital information from a variety of places, such as articles and clips.
  • Practiced old-style calligraphy and handwriting.
  • Read and analysed articles from different perspectives about the same event.
  • Enjoyed many class discussions about historical events, what we know, understand, and would like to know. 

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Highlights

During this challenging time, we have found it lovely to take the time to practice some mindfulness and discuss the attributes of kindness, gratitude, and empathy.

The children have enjoyed spending time together sharing clips about these traits and then practicing some guided meditation/mindfulness and breathing. 

It has been wonderful to see some of the Gratitude Boards that the children have made, and we hope that they are added to and enjoyed more as the year goes on.

Another wellbeing highlight connected to Inquiry has been finding some old-time recipes to cook. The children enjoyed seeing old family recipes and cooking them and sharing love and joy. 

This week we look forward to some Book Week fun, and the traditional Dress Up day is on Thursday. 

The children should all have the information about this week and invites to events on Seesaw. 

We want to thank the Year 5 students for all being so awesome and positive, and thank you, the parents, for your support and encouragement. 

We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Year 5 Classroom Teachers