Year 5 Update

Well, welcome back to 'real school!' There was such a buzz of excitement when we all returned Tuesday, 9 June. What an incredible nine days of school it has been. Year 5 students have been so gorgeous and full of enthusiasm and positivity. We have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with our classes and each other, which has been such a positive experience.

The students have had many opportunities to settle back in, and we have been together as a whole group (at a distance), in our classrooms and mixed groups completing tasks. We've just really enjoyed being back in our beautiful' place,' and we are all feeling very grateful. 

Over the last two weeks, Year 5s have participated in many connecting and relaxing mindful type activities, which has given us all the time and space to reconnect and feel safe.

This week we visited 'The Creek' and reminisced about old times and enjoyed the adventures of new exploration. A special moment was shared by the class when new students placed their sticks on Bunjil's Nest on Monday and shared messages of hope for the future and gratitude.

We have discussed many interesting topics and current issues, including isolation, friendship, and mindfulness. We've used observation using the senses, nature, 'our place,' racism, Black Lives Matter, unconscious bias, reconciliation, Bunjil, our learning styles, and what we have learned from this whole experience about 'us' as learners and much more.


  • Discussions where we respectfully shared thoughts, ideas, and issues and listened to other's perspectives and experiences. 
  • Shared reading, comprehension, and literature appreciation in Book Club, where we have all thoroughly enjoyed Edward Tullane's journey through the joys and the tears. (literally)
  • Word Study: Continuing to explore and expand our science vocabulary, looking at syllables and common patterns in words as well as definitions. 
  • Narrative Writing task: Planning and beginning writing, 'The Science Experiment That Went Wrong:' Watching a 'Flubber' clip for inspiration and ideas and then looking at the parts of a narrative, planning the setting, characters and the adventures of our own stories. (This writing will continue into next term.)
  • Reading comprehension: Newsela Science reading tasks.


  • Division: Revision and consolidation. Where is division in our real lives? Using arrays. Sharing. The division signs/symbols and remainders.
  • Fractions: What do you know? Why do we use fractions? Where? Ensuring we have a strong foundation/base about our understanding.
  • Escher's Work: Tessellations.
  • Measurement required in Bridges Projects.
  • APSMO: preparation and problem solving for that group.

Inquiry- How the World Works- How does Science help us to Solve Problems?

  • Science Texta Talk: Questions, thoughts, ideas, wonderings, and observations of science provocation images. Groups sharing and discussion. Questions.
  • Bridges: What problems do they solve? Why? How do we build bridges? What is the Science involved? What is the process? 
  • Team Collaboration Project: Build a Bridge with specific requirements using Spaghetti and limited resources. Share the 'process.' Meet the challenges. 


  • Katie West, 'My Place:' Discussion about 'our place,' Minimbah. Collection of nature and mindful sketching using the senses to observe. 
  • Friendship Soup: Attributes of a good friend. What's the recipe? 
  • Group visit and exploration of The Creek at Minimbah. 
  • Mindful listening in nature. 
  • New students placing sticks on Bunjil's Nest with messages of hope: Reconciliation Week.
  • Potting of succulents and mindful stones.

As you can see, it's been a hectic and enjoyable two weeks.

Once again, we would like to thank you all for your support throughout this very different and challenging time for us all. 

Happy, healthy, restful holidays to everyone.

See you in 3 weeks :)

Year 5 Classroom Teachers