Year 5 Update

Year 5H and 5M have had an amazing start to the year. It has been wonderful to see the students embrace new opportunities in the Homestead and they are all really enjoying being a part of this community. The classes have worked separately and together often, and have enjoyed new friendships, workspaces and independence. A very big welcome to the new students and families. Much of the focus the first few weeks, has been on new routines and getting to know each other. We have begun working with Aviv in Wellness sessions and have had many class discussions about what we all expect from self and each other in our learning and behaviours. The students have developed new friendships with Year 6, and together we are collaborating to design the Homestead Agreement. Within this, we have focused on the 3Ss and 3Rs. It has been a lovely start to the year and we are very grateful for this.


Much of our English program has been integrated into our Inquiry unit. Both classes have been involved in many sessions involving speaking, listening and sharing of thoughts, ideas and opinions related to community, belonging, self and Homestead. We have all enjoyed writing when inspired by music and drama, which highlighted how we can all have different perspectives and visualisations. Our narratives focussed on writing using ‘showing not telling,’ description and experimenting with bigger, more emotional language. The children have been practising and trying different handwriting styles and have completed Spelling assessments to support personal spelling needs and goals.

We are looking forward to starting spelling/writing focus group workshops this week, across the whole Homestead. We will be focussing on characterisation in Reading sessions and comprehension skills.


In Maths, we have been investigating data from the Census of local communities; interpreting, recording, representing and formulating questions about that data. Using ‘real-life’ numbers from the data, we have revised place value, ordered and expanded multi-digit numbers and we all enjoyed rounding off numbers to 10, 100, 1000 and more. The students have begun to develop personal SMART goals for maths in Number and Statistics and Data.

We are looking forward to starting to work on these and self-managing our learning tools and time management.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our Unit of Inquiry this term, Year 5 students have been exploring the theme of Who We Are. Specifically, we have been inquiring into how getting to know ourselves and others can help us to develop a sense of community and belonging. We have been exploring what it means to truly connect with others through deep questioning, active listening and vulnerability. It has been wonderful to see how open Year 5 students have been to forging new friendships and connecting with others in our Homestead Community. Our Homestead Brush with Fame experience, based on the hit television show, Anh Do’s Brush with Fame, was a truly remarkable experience for all involved, with students interviewing another member of the Homestead and then showing their understanding and empathy towards their partner through sketching and painting. We are so proud of the care, understanding and effort that all Year 5 students put into this experience.


Last week the students were introduced to the Homework grid, and we discussed how Homework works in Year 5. This term they need to do 2 tasks from the grid, one of which is compulsory. They will present their personal take on the tasks every second Friday. The first task is due this Friday. Students share homework and give feedback to their peers. They are expected to read at home every night and have had opportunities to borrow from the Library. (many new books are arriving)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Important dates related to Year 5: 

‘Unique You’ session - Thursday 12 March 
Final ‘Unique You’ session for Year 5 students, presented by BodySafe Australia 

School Photos - Friday 13 March 

PFG Social Evening  - Friday 13 March

Peninsula Zone Swimming Championships - Monday 16 March

Interschool Chess Championships - Wednesday 18 March (selected students)  

District Athletics Track Events - Friday 20 March 
Ballam Park (selected students) 

Grandparents Day - Tuesday 24 March   

Minimbah/Penbank Cross-Campus Sports Day - Thursday 26 March 

Term 1 Concludes - Friday 27 March 

Term 2 Commences - Wednesday 15 April 

Year 5 Classroom Teachers