Year 5 – Ready for Term 2

The Year 5 students have returned to the Homestead with a refreshed outlook and a sense of excitement for the term ahead. We are excited to work alongside them as they develop into confident, independent learners who are developing their identities and passions.

Units of Inquiry – How we organise ourselves

Our first unit of inquiry for the term centres on the concept of responsibility, as we have been inquiring into the central idea: ‘businesses function on the understanding of a marketplace.’ Students have been enthusiastically investigating and reflecting on the role of supply and demand in the marketplace, factors that contribute to the success of a business and are now developing a business plan to produce goods or services. The culminating action will be a marketplace in Week 6 where students can showcase their inquiry and reflect on their business ventures.


Our Year 5 students are continuing with the Australian Primary School Maths Olympiad (APSMO) and targeted problem-solving skill development sessions. We have been inquiring into multiple strategies for solving problems in whole number and will continue to look at conceptual ideas and strategies that we can apply to solve a range of maths tasks. There will be a focus initially this term on developing skills with multiplication and its relationship to other mathematical processes. Through our unit of inquiry, ‘How we organise ourselves,’ we are also exploring financial numeracy as the students begin investigating the factors that contribute to the success of a business.


Earlier this term, the proposal of a 6-day school week to catch up on the missed learning from past lockdowns was put forward to the students. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority disagreed with the proposal and put forward their arguments to state their case. However, the students were challenged to view this from an unfamiliar perspective and argue AGAINST their instincts. This gave students the opportunity to deepen their conceptual understanding of how perspective and bias inform our opinions and values. It also supported the development of their persuasive language and writing skills. This will continue in our Unit of Inquiry as we examine the factors affecting businesses and the way we persuade our audience to consume our goods and services.

5/6 Sport

Interschool sport has kicked off for the Homestead with the first round taking place last Friday at Minimbah against Frankston Primary School. All teams demonstrated fairness and support for both their teammates and opponents, while simultaneously turning up the heat in the freezing conditions. The comradery, teamwork and perseverance shown by all were a testament to the community and relationships developed in Term 1 in the Homestead. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the term.

Looking ahead


A feature of Term 1 was the establishment of a regular homework routine. We have resumed this routine in Term 2 with a new homework grid that encourages students to take risks with their learning. We thank you in advance for supporting the students in managing their time when they are at home as they develop independent learning skills. With each new task, we encourage students to be open-minded and take on feedback with the aim to improve the quality of their work for the next task. These are all important skills as they work towards a homework expo in Week 9.


Teachers are in the final stages of preparing their activity selections for Term 2. Students will have a chance to ballot for their preferred activity and will then work collaboratively with others in the homestead to pursue an area of interest while challenging themselves to take risks and be open-minded with the opportunities presented through their chosen activity.

Production preparations

This year, the whole school production will take us under the sea as we reimagine ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Later this term and into term 3, we will begin our rehearsals for our part in the production. Stay tuned!

Body safety – Who We Are

Also, this term during our unit of inquiry, ‘Who we are,’ the Year 5 students will participate in the ‘Unique You’ education sessions presented by Body Safety Australia. All classes are delivered in an age-appropriate fashion in line with the National Curriculum and the Respectful Relationships Framework. We encourage families to continue these conversations at home to support our students as they begin to experience significant physical and emotional changes.

Year 5 Teachers