​ Year 5 Business Bomb

Last week, the Year 5's set off their Business Bombs in true Minimbah fashion. There was a real buzz and excitement amongst the Homestead as the customers exploded through the doors.

Throughout the unit 'How we Organise Ourselves', students investigated three lines of inquiry:

  • The role of supply and demand in the marketplace
  • Factors that contribute to the success of a business
  • Developing a business plan to produce goods or services

We listened to the experience of small business owners and operators within our local school community and analysed big corporations' successes and how they have maintained longevity in the market. We also created demand for an elusive piece of lego that replicated the madness of boxing day sales and analysed the effects that changes in supply and demand have on businesses and their sales trends.

The students then developed their initial business plans, with their sights set on marketing and selling food products. With a quick change of tack and flexible thinking, the students reimagined their businesses and began planning for what became the Year 5 Business Bomb. We had heat packs, scrunchies, tie-dye, bath bombs, woolly scarves, paintings, garden jars, bookmarks, perfume, playdoh and more. It was a roaring success, with a portion of the profits made being donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. With the money raised, we have been able to help indigenous children access books in their first language.

Reconciliation Week

We were fortunate to have two guest speakers visit us during Reconciliation Week to share their insightful stories and encourage us to be brave and make change. Eva Jo Edwards and AJ Williams challenged us on our knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and bravely shared their own personal journeys. Through their stories, we learned about how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia to ensure that we are actively closing the gap of inequality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-indigenous Australians.

The Wonders of Senior Campus

This week, along with the Year 5 students from Penbank, we headed to Senior Campus to immerse ourselves in science, art and other activities. This was a great way to start developing familiarity with the Senior Campus environment and the students from Penbank we will learn with in Year 7.

Body Safe

With apprehensive yet curious minds, we have begun our 'Unique You' Body Safety Australia sessions. The students are being educated and empowered with practical information and building confidence as they embark on a period of great physical and emotional change. It has been fantastic to see the students continue to develop respect for one another and support each other in asking questions in a safe space.