Year 4 Update

I am genuinely amazed at how quickly this term is just flying by. We are well and truly back in the swing of being in the classroom, and with the end of the year quickly approaching, Year 4 is full steam ahead as we make the most of the next few weeks. The lively, creative energy that has come from being back together is electric! The class has enjoyed every moment of working collaboratively again and sharing their learning, ideas, and discoveries. It has been such a joy seeing everyone so enthusiastic!


The students are engaged in discovering how many different ways we communicate to connect to others and the creative ways they can approach communication. They have been looking at communications through sign, colour, music, art, line, drama, and body/facial expression, to name a few. They have been using what they have been learning along the way to incorporate it into a class project of collecting bread tags to help those in need. There has been a whole array of ideas of how best to share their message and get the school community involved. They have also been able to be critical thinkers in assessing their progress along the way. They have been able to give and receive feedback on their work, and often new inspirations would bloom as the unit went on. 


They have continued to learn new concepts and consolidate existing understandings as we finished up our work on division and embraced the hands-on areas of exploring more measurement. They are using their knowledge to make a connection to real-life examples and experiences in the areas of;

  • Volume 
  • Capacity
  • Mass
  • Time


In English, the students have been looking at reading for comprehension and how the authors convey their messages, including inferential meaning. 

We have also been going through the writers' process of planning an imaginative narrative. We have looked at a range of different authors and short stories and reflected on what they used to engage the audience and convey imagery. We then looked at the importance of planning out the main elements of our own story and having a clear idea of its characters and direction to ensure it is engaging. As the students began to write, there was a focus on specific word choices of adverbs and adjectives and how selecting the right words can clearly express our ideas. They have also continued their reflective mindset by being critical friends and listening to and accepting feedback on their writing.

I look forward to having them finish their stories for 'publication.' 

The students have also been working very hard in their 'Spelling for Life' groups based on their point of need. They have all laughed through the exciting stories we have come up with to help explain rules for why we spell the way we do.

Year 4 Classroom Teacher