Year 4 Update

Welcome back to Term 2, and what a unique and unusual start to the term we have had. I hope you have all managed to have a safe and somewhat relaxing break and have started to find your rhythm adjusting to the new 'school day.'

I am very impressed with the fantastic way all the students have engaged in all the learning activities and have been so adaptable and resilient in transitioning to our current offsite learning. It is a real credit to their independence and ability to adapt as we all embark on this new teaching and learning curve. A big thank you also goes out to you as parents for being there for them during this time. I am very aware that many of you have also been or will be working from home, so I truly appreciate all the support you have given to them as we transition. 

There has been significant consideration given to having hands-on tasks, being completed independently, though some jobs may need some guidance from you. We are still finding that balance. Engagement and connection will continue to be a big focus, ensuring your children feel connected to each other, the school, and me. Similar to our in-class learning, there will be times where your children have communication, not only from myself but also Mrs Gow, our support staff, and even getting to know our teachers from Penbank. 

Even though our school day within the new plan doesn't replicate a 'normal' school day, we will be keeping to a sense of routine with our key learning areas of literacy, maths, and inquiry as well as our specialist subjects. 


This term, students will be looking at continuing our new transdisciplinary theme of 'Sharing the Planet' with a specific focus on the concept of people's responses to the attitudes and actions of others and how these can influence the harmony of a community. We started this unit towards the end of the last term, and I enjoyed seeing some of the 'Harmony Art' that they created. 

Lines of Inquiry

The features of harmonious communities
Attitudes and actions that affect the unity of a community
The role of conflict resolution in supporting harmony.


This term, we are going to be focusing on;

  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication and Division. Students will be learning algorithms for addition and subtraction and learning to apply a range of problem-solving skills when completing real-life problems. 
Measurement and Geometry
  • How to calculate perimeter and area
  • Shape.

Mathletics tasks set specific to these topics will be assigned as well. 


In literacy, we will be making links with our unit of inquiry with a lot of our reading and writing set tasks linked to our key concepts. 

  • A strong focus for this term will be the editing cycle process and emphasising the need to plan, revise, and then edit each writing piece.
  • There will be a focus in reading an author's intent and language choice during reading comprehension.
  • The assigned tasks will be a mix of handwritten and typed responses, but there will also be specific opportunities for children to practice neat and consistent handwriting skills. 

Some questions you may like to ask your child while they read at home: 

Before reading: 
  • Looking at the title, cover and illustrations/pictures, what do you think will happen in this book? 
  • What do you already know about the topic of this book? 
During reading: 
  • What has happened so far in the story? 
  • What do you predict will happen next? 
  • What are you wondering about as you read? What questions do you have? 
After reading: 
  • Why is the title a good title for the book/story? If you had to give it a different title, what would be another good title for it? 
  • Can you retell the story in sequence order (use your fingers and sequence words: first, second, then, next, etc.)?

This new adventure that we are all embarking on, we will meet some challenges, but we will face them together. 

Please take care of yourself and your family!

Year 4 Classroom Teacher