Year 3 Update

What an experience these little people are undertaking. It has undoubtedly been the writing of a very different chapter in their lives, and they will never forget their term of school that was at home. Neither will I. It has been heart-warming to see their joy, positivity, kindness, and brilliance uploaded to SeeSaw each day. Evidence like no other that I am truly blessed with an incredible group of kids that have so much to offer. As a central point of contact for Year 3 parents, I wanted to let you all know that many of you have experienced some of the same things.

Days when getting out of bed is difficult; getting them into bed is difficult, and others where energy is completely gone or boundless. I've also heard that all these things can happen in one day. It has been a new journey for your children and, at times, an unpredictable ride.

Thank you for being there for your child, taking on such a vital role in their education. Your ability to be the eyes, ears and loving arms available (as much as you can be) and present for your child has been powerfully evident. I know students would not have been able to achieve so much without your guidance and support.

Theme Days

The theme days have been a fun addition to the timetable and been something the students can look forward to on a Monday morning. A Star Wars theme marked May the Fourth (be with you) and Revenge of the Fifth (of May). Star Wars fans and non-fans alike took the opportunity to dress up. Both days involved many tasks and activities veiled in a Star Wars veneer. We have also enjoyed Rainbow Day and Dragon Day.

Year 3 Unit of Inquiry (UoI) 

Our focus this term has been Sharing the Planet. Predominantly, we have been looking at the features of environments concerning living things. A big word that we have been exploring and unpacking is 'interdependence.' Based on their interests, students have been researching specific animals and looking to identify several aspects of how their living thing relies on its environment and how the environment relies on that living thing.

The UoI research project

Year 3 have embarked on their first research project, drawing from a MoSCoW menu to guide their progress. It has been challenging to guide all students through the research project remotely, as researching is a task that requires a lot of teacher support and guidance. However, I am pleased to see many students have risen to the challenge and worked hard to produce work they can be proud of. It is also lovely to see the students are so willing to share their hard work. 



Aspects of literacy have been linked to our Unit of Inquiry and have focused on features of informative texts. Students have been encouraged to identify text features and include them in their research projects. Such features include headings and sub-headings, tables, charts, graphs, indexes, imagery, captions, and glossaries. Students' research projects have promoted vocabulary development. 

In our Zoom sessions, verbal expression and conversation skills have been worked on with the help of conversation starters in Zoom breakout rooms, so that students can converse in small group settings.

Despite the dependence of technology throughout the CLP, it has been an expectation that students complete some of their daily tasks in their English book, to ensure students continue to develop their handwriting skills and letter formation.

Focused spelling lessons have run to present key elements of a systematic approach to spelling. 


As well as honing estimation skills, we have been focusing on length measurement. 

We have examined the use of standard and non-standard units of measurement, particularly millimetres, centimetres, and metres. We have explored ideas connected to the telling of time, including duration. In addition, we looked at, decomposition of numbers assisting mental addition, and how it translates to vertical addition.

Additional tasks tailored to your child were also explored in focus workshops and individual tasks on SeeSaw.


We are always mindful of the need to disconnect from devices and appreciate more tangible aspects of life, such as spending quality time with family, playing sports and other physical activities, cuddling pets, enjoying time in nature, and being out in the vegetable garden.

However, it is important to note the many gains students have made with their involvement with ICT (Information Communication Technology). All students have become adept at using some or all of the following ICT tools, skills, and resources:

Outlook (email)
  • SeeSaw
  • Book Creator / PowerPoint / iMovie
  • Zoom
  • Kahoot / Quizziz
  • Screenshot and screencasting
  • Saving, exporting, and uploading files
  • Popplet
  •,, and (for royalty-free stock photos and videos)
Wonderopolis and research websites

Seesaw Regulars

There are quite a few regular activities in our Seesaw tasks. Many students enjoy the familiarity of tasks, and there is an increasing level of success that comes from repeated exposure to the tasks.

Puzzles / Brainteasers

While challenging, this activity rewards tenacity and improves logic, literacy, creative thinking. Regularly, secret codes are displayed, and students use various clues and strategies to decipher the code. 


Special thanks to Aviv Gerszonovicz for his awesome Mindfulness videos. As well as Aviv's videos, students are encouraged to draw, listen to music, and play board games with family members. 

Year 3 Classroom Teacher