Year 3 Update

Thank you for meeting with me for the Parent-Teacher Interviews last week. It was lovely to have a chance to speak with all of you during this incredibly challenging period. The feedback I received in these meetings was overwhelmingly positive, and it was beautiful to hear and share so many stories of engagement, joy, and growth from the first semester.

I also heard that students were disappointed and frustrated to be back in 'lockdown.' I understand how difficult it is for your child to be away from their friends and navigate what is required of them. Having said this, I would like to offer some reassurance and thoughts for your consideration.  

At a Year 3 level, it is challenging for students to maintain strong self-motivation and independent learning skills in a usual school situation, let alone face this unprecedented situation. As such, it is common for students to feel fatigued towards the end of the week, especially when faced with additional challenges such as anxiety and uncertainty, a cold, an injury, or difficulties sleeping. I want to reiterate that each student's wellbeing, as always, is at the forefront of the Year 3 program.

The more recent social interactions, breakout room discussions, and 'theme days' are small gestures that have a noticeable impact on our class's health, resilience, and overall disposition. On Monday, a brighter and more energised dynamic was felt amongst the students. It was evident that students had a chance to recharge over the weekend. I was delighted to learn of stories of walks through the bush, walking the dog at the beach, ice-creams at the pier, boardgames, and roasting marshmallows by the fire. The family time you enjoy on the weekend is precious and pays off dividends in their academic efforts throughout the week. However, please contact me if your child is experiencing difficulties on an ongoing basis or if you would like any further advice/support.

I also recommend to all parents the wonderfully supportive notes from Andrew Fuller via this link. Please have a look; it's worth it!

Unit of Inquiry

Our current unit of inquiry is the title 'Innovation,' It is an active investigation into how 'Innovations in technology have changed the way people live their lives.' Students have already enjoyed a range of experiences in which we have enjoyed the technology journey over time. We've witnessed incredible engineering feats and the scientific evolution of a variety of technologies, everything from communication and transport through to toilets! Over the coming weeks, we will identify and examine why new technologies are developed and the process of innovation. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have a personal or professional connection that you might think would be accessible or relevant to our unit of inquiry. We are always interested in finding community and local links to our learning!

Year 3 Classroom Teacher