Year 3 Update

It has been joyous to see the students return to Minimbah Campus and settle back into the routine of a school day. Everything seemed right again as the classroom filled with the laughter, stories, and energy of the students. I’m so excited for the coming semester. There will be differences, but the students have shown me they have the flexibility and resilience to make the most of their opportunities.


This term, the students were incredibly engaged as they studied role models as part of our ‘Who We Are.’ We’ve learned about a diverse range of influential people, and we’ve worked to identify their attributes. It has been an eye-opening experience for many of the students who are encountering names from Gandhi and Mandela to Helen Keller.

I encourage you to continue the conversation about role models.

It would be great if you’d share some of your role models, discuss the behaviour of influencers in the media, and point out local role models as you encounter them.

The journey will continue at school into next semester as the students are guided to recognise their ability to act as role models on campus and beyond.

Personal Reading never felt so good on the first day back on campus after lockdown. There is a sense that the students are ‘back to where they should be.'

Have a safe and adventurous school holiday, and I look forward to seeing you early next term for Parent-Teacher Interviews. 

Year 3 Classroom Teacher