Year 2 Update

It has been such a joy to welcome our Year 2 students back to school. They have enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with friends and to develop new friendships, too.

As we had such a long time away from school, we decided to make a new essential agreement about how we would ensure we enact the school values in our time. This agreement helps us understand how our behaviour can influence the learning environment in our classroom, our learning, and the opportunities for learning for those around us.

In Writer's Workshop, we have reintroduced the Writer's Cycle (Think/Explore, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish) and worked to turn an idea from our Writer's Notebook (a place to develop ideas) into a piece of writing. We have seen poetry, narratives, informative texts, and comics!

In Mathematics, we have been revisiting some key learning from the first semester, in particular, looking at efficient strategies for addition and subtraction, and place value.

It's been wonderful to have the opportunity to share the creek with the Foundation and Year 1 students on Discovery Day. Engaging in some spectacular design challenges as part of our inquiry unit, 'How the World Works,' with the central idea that 'Understanding forces can help people create and innovate.' Some experiments undertaken in this unit include designing paper helicopters and planes, Rube Goldberg machines, marble runs, hoop gliders, and paper bridges and towers.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and restful winter holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back in Term 3 for our new inquiry unit, 'How We Organise Ourselves.' We'll dive into some multiplication and division in Mathematics and continue our journey as independent writers by using the Writer's Notebook and the Writer's Cycle.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher