Year 12 Farewell

​On behalf of all Senior Homestead staff we would like to pass on our congratulations to the Year 12 students on the way they concluded their year. They certainly embraced the unique Woodleigh style of ending their journey at Senior Campus.

The celebrations began Tuesday when the Senior Homestead staff entertained the kids with a production that included songs, games, photographic memories and reflections.

On Wednesday morning, with rays of sun through the mist, we began with the Reflection Service that blended humour and light heartedness – the Literary Journal and Minimbah/Penbank and Woodleigh years reflections, and a tinge of sadness about everything drawing to an end. The music performed by Year 12 Music class was also outstanding. Congratulations to all those students who performed and spoke.

Following Reflections and Breakfast with parents we moved to the Year 12 Final Assembly where we were treated to a host of performances and presentations, and finally, our day concluded with lunch and games in the Gym.

From here, we wish all Year 12 students the best in their preparation and completion of their final exams, and we look forward to the Valedictory Night for our final farewell.

I would like to personally thank all Senior Campus staff for making this time so special for the students.

To the Year 11s, I pass on the challenge to step up as the natural leaders of the school and complete your year in equally impressive style.

Other News

We also wish Year 11 students all the best with their exams. Given over half of our Year 11 students do a Year 12 subject, this period is equally a significant time.

2020 Senior Homestead Camps

All Year 11 and Year 10 students have received camp information and ballot booklets for next year. Can I please ask that the booklet is read thoroughly and ballots are returned promptly.

Best wishes!

Laurent Julicher
Director of Senior Homestead