Year 11 Exams

The Year 11 Unit 1 Examination period will begin on Monday 6 June and conclude on Friday 10 June.

All exams will be based in Senior Homestead, but some exams require a separate room due to specific requirements.

For this exam week, students in Year 11 are required at school only when they have examinations. We accept that some students study better for examinations at home; thus, we ask these students to sign out in Senior Homestead and that they are collected from school by parents or guardians. Students who wish to remain at school must sign in at Senior Homestead and may study in the Senior Common Room or V1 and V2. They may also organise to meet with available staff for additional study assistance. Any issues with clashes must be resolved with Mr Bowen as soon as possible so that rescheduling can occur wherever feasible.

No timetabled classes will be running for any Year 11 subjects during the exam period – any student undertaking a Year 12 subject(s) will need to make arrangements to attend those classes as required, wherever possible.

Year 10 Exams

The Year 10 Examination period will take place during Weeks 7 and 8 of this term. However, only year-long subjects: English, Mathematics, and Indonesian/French, will have a formalised exam.

All semester-based subjects will have an examination-style task administered during class at a time organised by their respective teachers.

The examination timetable for English, Maths and Indonesian/French is as follows:

  • English: Thursday 9 June 8:55am-10:40am
  • Indonesian/French: Friday 10 June 8:55am-10:40am
  • Mathematics: Tuesday 14 June 8:55am-11:10am

All students are expected to be at school for full days during this exam period. Normal classes will be running as per usual, with the exception of the times listed above.

Should there be any clashes, any student completing a Year 11 subject exam will take that as their priority and their Year 10 subject exam/task will be rescheduled wherever feasible.

Acting VCE Coordinator