Year 10 University Visit to Swinburne

Today at Swinburne Uni we were able to experience two different workshops. I went to the statistics workshop and then business. At the business workshop, we learned about the different concepts needed to run a fail-proof business because one problem can cause many more. Also, we discussed ideology and created different concepts with Lego. In between we went on a tour around the campus.

Year 10

On a day trip to Swinburne, all Year 10s participated in two workshops and did a tour. I did design and engineering. In engineering, which was my first workshop of the day we designed bionic hands using straws, string, and tape we learned about medical engineering and how it is used in treatments. We then did a tour around the grounds and saw a lecture hall, mock court, and other classes and labs. After a lunch break, we headed back into the classroom. In the design class we thought out ways to make phones more sustainable and pitched our ideas.

It was a great experience of university life that helped us to further understanding our opportunities in the future. We have now done three visits to universities and explored many different areas of further study. These visits have helped us understand the expectations of university and inspired us to explore new areas.

Year 10

Throughout the year, the Year 10s have been visiting several different universities such as Swinburne, Deakin, and Monash to start to think about what comes after school. These trips have helped us learn and plan about the many different choices we can take after school; the opportunities are limitless. My favourite experience was seeing Monash Clayton Campus and being able to walk around and see all the amazing chances you can have once school is done. This has been a highlight of my year and I can't wait to go back.

I think for future years a trip to Melbourne University would be great instead of Swinburne or a full day at Monash because many people said they liked Deakin more because we didn't get a tour of Monash and get to see much.

Year 10