Year 1 Update

WooHoo! We did it! What an incredible Term 2 it has been—ten weeks of extraordinary learning and achievement. When we look back over the term, we have all come so far. We have learned things that we probably wouldn't have in a typical year, from learning how to 'Zoom' to uploading work to Seesaw to navigating home learning and so much more. Our Year 1 cohort, both students to parents, deserve a rest! As stated in previous correspondence, I am so immensely proud of the children. They have demonstrated resilience, perseverance, creative thinking, flexibility, and so much more.

The children have had a great time exploring our current unit of inquiry, 'How the World Works'. They have experienced activities aimed at developing their understanding of natural cycles, including Seasons, hibernation, migration, and how day and night cycles occur. The children have also finished up a literacy focus on informative writing. They loved showing their understanding of this style's main features while creating their non-fiction book about the seasons. Mathematically their knowledge of place value, addition, and subtraction have all developed through games, challenges, and set tasks.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing 'where to next' at parent-teacher interviews early next term.

Enjoy the break, and I will see you all in three weeks.

Year 1 Classroom Teacher