Y8 Health & PE

During Term 3 in Health, Year 8 have been learning about positive relationships and gender stereotypes and how we can challenge them. At the end of the unit, we were given the task of creating an ad campaign looking at a professional field or issue we are passionate about, such as film or football and exploring and challenging how gender plays a role in that. We then wrote about why we thought our project showed stereotypes and that ‘females are still underpaid in most sports’. Over the unit, I learned that we could create change by challenging stereotypes and that gender equality is complex. The independence required in this summative task helped develop proactive and engaged learning.

Lilly C

My poster (above) is the one to choose because it helps show that not only men can play AFL and that both genders have enough skills to have eighteen teams. I also have not mentioned men, but it is sort of implied that is who I am referring to. It has a date that shows that there is still time to start if you want to play AFLW.

Matilda G

Gender Stereotypes Presentation


Year 7 HPE Teacher