Y7 Science Update

A key component of our science course is learning how to design, conduct and evaluate your scientific investigation. Before the current restrictions, we learned about forces and how simple machines can make a job more manageable. Our students have taken this to the next level: how can a catapult design affect the distance a projectile launch?

Students have investigated different designs from around the world as the basis for their plans. Some have gone for simplicity. Others have taken the challenge of greater complexity in the hope of achieving greater distance. Whatever the basic design is chosen, students then decided on a particular variable to change to see if it makes any difference to the space the projectile is thrown.

It must be noted that students could not check out their peers' designs in this process frequently. Many parents could help our students achieve their goals, and we thank them for all their assistance. Many of the projects were highly successful, but this is not the main assessment criteria; following the process of scientific investigation was the primary objective. Our students have indeed shown how much can be achieved when their adventurous minds are unleashed. Great job, Year 7 scientists!

Maths/Science teacher