Year 6 Update

We hope you are all doing well as we navigate this Continuous Learning Program together.

And make no mistake - we do it together. At times, it can feel isolating working in this way. Schools and classrooms function through collaboration, one-to-one support, and the physicality of being together. When some of those elements are missing, we must work harder to fill in the gaps – and working harder is becoming harder to do as we get fatigued.


It is what we are striving for each day, and it is what combats this fatigue. We hope it is evident in our daily videos, Zoom lessons, invitations to check-in during open Zooms, call, and email. We hope for and encourage all students to make the most of these invitations. Just because you are all mostly out of sight doesn’t mean that you are out of mind!

Instead of our usual format for this Minimbah update, we wanted this Year 6 section to reflect smiles and laughter that regularly punctuate the days that connect us all. Here is a collection of submissions from our students from across the curriculum that hopefully entertain and inspire.

At the beginning of each day, Cedar keeps us entertained with the adventures of her comic creation, Bob. Not only do we get to see how she is planning her daily schedule, but she is also keeping us entertained. Connection through humour!

Recently, we asked everyone to share something that is framed in their house, signifying its importance. Grace and Ludivine provided us with these lovely photos, proving that they also stay the same as much as things change. Connection through personal histories!

These images illustrate how Alby and Denzel are making connections between shape, design and transformation as they created these tessellations. Charlotte also played with shape and form as she started a Tangram puzzle for others to solve. Connection through play and invention!

More connections were made as Evie discovered how to visualize fractional equivalencies through patterns and design. Connection through imagery!

Amy created this game that she shared with her family as we examined probability and represented this fractionally. Connection through fun!

As we approach the end of our Inquiry unit, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time,’ we have been inspired by some of the writing developed around the migrant experience. Here, Flynn and Hamish base their work on our experiences in class and their research. They are still drafts at this stage, but we can’t wait to see where they end up. Connection through language!

Our students are committed to getting the Year 6 Production up and running, regardless of the format it may take. We are working together across a range of disciplines to pull it all together. Here, Tom and Lily B-L use skills developed in illustration workshops to design the digital set projections. Connection through collaboration!

Using the tools available, we have been privy to some humourous digital creations, demonstrating that we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Connection through self-deprecation!

Although we might feel like we are all glued to our screens, we regularly discuss the importance of getting outside and being grateful for our natural environment. These images from Tom and Ava remind us of our place in the world. Connection with nature!

Finally, well, we’re not too sure what’s going on here, but it certainly raised a smile! Connection through surrealism?

Much excellent work appears daily on our Seesaw feeds – we are inspired by what our students create, both serious and light-hearted. We’re sorry that we could not include it all here!

As always, please reach out to us if and when required to connect!

Year 6 Teachers