Year 6 Update

Our term is in full swing, and even throughout the lockdown hiccup, the Year Six students remained as energetic as ever! Please see below for details of the learning that has been happening in the classroom and across the Homestead. We look forward to presenting our recent endeavours to the school community at our Assembly on Thursday, 11 March. The assembly will be recorded, and we will share the link through SeeSaw.


  • set up digital reading logs for all students to use to record reading both at home and school. You can log into your child’s Woodleigh Microsoft OneDrive account at home using their school email and password. Please let us know if you have any trouble in doing so
  • discussed the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ reading during personal reading times in class, as well as the need to choose suitably challenging books
  • begun using ‘Newsela’ again to read news articles about current affairs and to identify features such as the main idea and cause and effect 
  • used ‘Pixar-in-a-Box’ to study internal/external character features, which in turn has laid a foundation for writing biographies about our Homestead peers in Year 5
  • begun planning and writing the script for our Year 6 production
  • conducted interviews to identify personal areas of need with regards to spelling, grammar, and punctuation, then provided a range of resources for independent study
  • been practising speaking and listening with empathy and during Circle Time. 


  • completed and corrected Maths Mate challenges together, which cover essential elements of the Year 6 Maths curriculum 
  • used self-assessments and teacher-student conferences to help identify and prepare personal Maths goals, which are to be completed both at school and home 
  • begun using Maths Online as a key resource for independent study 
  • explored place value, the base ten system, and working with numbers to 1,000,00 through class games and explicit instruction
  • investigated scale, data gathering, and graph types through open-ended tasks and surveys conducted across the Homestead.


Our current Unit of Inquiry, under the banner of ‘Who We Are,’ investigates the central idea of:

Building community creates a sense of belonging.

During Inquiry sessions, we have:

  • discovered and illustrated connections between ourselves and peers
  • worked to build a sense of belonging by developing our Homestead Agreement 
  • examined aspects of Homestead life and developed a survey to gather data which we will use to inform our choices and changes and create a better sense of community
  • interviewed one of our Homestead peers and written a biography about them, drawing on the information learned throughout the interviews
  • discussed the rights and responsibilities of belonging to a group or community, examining to whom or what we belong 
  • unpacked the United Nations Rights of the Child document
  • debated the question, “What if I am prevented from belonging to a group/community/organisation?”

Project Rockit

We are fortunate to have Project Rockit working with us this term. This is a youth-driven organisation that tackles issues such as cyberbullying, respectful relationships, and inclusion. Their first seminar last Monday on ‘Belonging’ focused on acceptance of others and their differences.

The second session on the 22 March is titled ‘Unite’ and focuses on bullying. Students are empowered with strategies to promote a culture of taking action to support each other.

Buddy Program

One of the highlights of the year so far has been the Buddy Program. Through play, reading together, and helping during swimming sessions, the Year Six students have formed a fun and caring relationships with their Foundation buddies. Last week saw the buddies join forces in the Library and sharing a selection of carefully curated picture books.

We look forward to these connections continuing to flourish throughout the year.


Activities are up and running! The excitement of the first week was palpable as students made their way to get messy with clay, to the film studio, to exercise, to fire their imaginations in the Library, to pitch an idea, to create some magic, or to discover new recipes and flavours. This program is undoubtedly an opportunity for the students to pursue a new passion or fuel an existing interest. It also gives the students a chance to build relationships with children across the Homestead and with different staff members.


We have been working on completing three tasks from our Homework Planner (the coloured grid). Hard copies were distributed to all students, and a digital copy is available for your reference on SeeSaw. The first task was due last week (Week 5), with the second scheduled for submission in Week 7. Please encourage your child to see us if they have any questions or concerns, especially regarding time management. 

As mentioned above, every student has set up their digital reading log. It would be great to encourage them to enter details about home reading at least three times per week. 

All students will also be engaged in their personal Maths goal cycles. It usually involves independent study using Maths Online (, though we support and encourage other resources through teacher-student conferencing. Please let us know if you need the login details for work on this at home. 

Thank you for joining us recently for the parent-teacher interviews and PSGs as required. We benefit significantly from sharing information and hearing your insights about the children. Please keep the communication lines open and keep us informed of anything that may affect or support your child’s experience at school.

Year 6 Classroom Teachers