Y5 Update

Our Year five students have enjoyed delving deeper into the concept of how we express ourselves using various mediums and art forms. Over the past few weeks, we have explored different ways to express ideas and emotions and how artists use other techniques and mediums to convey meaning and evoke emotion.


Students have created using various materials, from clay to drawing, photography and writing. We have explored famous artwork pieces and enquired into the meanings they convey and the varying perspectives and interpretations that each brings to works of art. We've looked at photography and how photographers capture moments and how these can be interpreted in many different ways.

A highlight was our year five-holiday baking challenge, where students were allowed to express themselves using food. Students had to work collaboratively with their partners to design and then create their own Christmas/holiday cake design using various materials, from fondant to toothpicks and coloured icing. Their cake design also had to tell a unique story about Christmas/the festive season. The results were incredible, and students wound us with their creativity. The judges, Mr Davies, Mr Roden, The Brilliant Pam and Mrs Chenowyth, were most impressed.

Our Literacy sessions have involved discussions and exploration about how we express ourselves through writing. Using the interactive game "Journey", students explored ways to turn the events in the game into descriptive writing pieces that convey meaning. We were blown away with students writing essays, which was so eloquently worded and involved an array of interpretations and perspectives. Journey promotes interactive, thought-provoking mystery about the passage of life with a minimalist design that transcends language. The students controlled a robot figure wandering over glittering sands towards the mountain top in the distance. The journey is an interactive parable about the passage of life with a minimalist design that transcends language. The students controlled a robed figure wandering over glittering dunes towards the mountain top in the distance. This exploration of richly textured ruins and breathtaking landscapes and the character's journey through the history of a fallen civilisation was a stimulus to help inspire their creative writing. It was a real catalyst for students to extend their ability to express themselves through the written word.

Beach picnic

We had a fantastic day at Frankston beach as part of our end-of-year celebrations. Year four, five and six students braved the cold and ventured out for a fun day of sand sculpting, swimming and fun with their peers. We were fortunate enough to have the weather clear up, and the sun came out, and we enjoyed fruit salad and pizza by the beach. A huge thank you to our remarkable parent helpers who helped make the day such a success.

We want to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful year five students and families. It has been a big year, and we appreciate your constant support. Our Year Fives are a truly remarkable group of students, and we have enjoyed every minute with them. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and wish you all the best for a wonderful 2022.

Year 5 Homestead Teachers