Year 5 Update

Another newsletter is in lockdown. We would like to thank you all for the support you are giving to your children and us. We are all looking forward to the holidays.

Sadly, we said ‘Goodbye to Ashton last week. Everyone will sorely miss her. Happily, though, she will be preparing for the birth of a baby girl. Ashton has been a massive asset to the Homestead team. We welcome Fran, who will be the Year 6 teacher for the remainder of the year. Everyone knows Fran and is very happy to welcome her to our team.

What an excellent way to take a rest from our screens and have a virtual campout. Friday allowed the students to complete many off-screen tasks at their leisure, including setting up their campsite for the evening. Our evening Homestead zoom, led by Pete, was a huge success. We played games and shared our campsites and the day’s tasks.


This week we finalised our unit on ‘Where We Are in Time and Place. We are very proud of our students for the way they completed their projects (the range of topics was terrific) online and then had to present online as well. It was fantastic to see the confidence they displayed during the sharing process. Each student completed a peer assessment on their classmates’ presentations and then a self-reflection on their process from beginning to end. It was related to how they have improved as learners using the learner profile attributes.

We are beginning our new unit of inquiry this week, titled ‘How We Organise Ourselves.’ The Central Idea is ‘Businesses function on the understanding of the marketplace’. We will be inquiring into how businesses work, what makes a successful business and the role of supply and demand. Many thanks to Adam Dargan for speaking to the students about his family business – Johnny Ripe Pies. The students found this incursion very interesting, and it gave them the chance to ask questions about our lines of inquiry.


The students presented their Book Reports in a Paper Bag this week. It was a great way to have the students read and recommend books for their classmates to read. I was inspired to read several of them.

To complement our unit, we will focus on persuasive writing in advertising and look at poetry and figurative language. Evaluating and analysing will be the thinking skills we concentrate on.

Many thanks to you all for the support you are giving your children. We appreciate it.

Take care and stay safe,

Year 5 Teachers