Year 5 Update

It's been a busy few weeks in Year 5, full of emotions, memorable moments and special events. In addition to exploring a range of concepts and developing our understandings across various learning areas, we have also made wellbeing and gratitude a tangible focus. Making sure that we spend time during sessions and tasks focusing on positivity, finding the fun in each day, taking time to be mindful and being still, and also practicing gratitude for the people in our lives.

Read on for more details about what's been happening in Year 5

Farewell Ms Martin

Last week, we said farewell to the truly extraordinary and much loved Ms Martin as she retired from a fantastic teaching career. We had some exceptional moments over this year, and we're so happy that we could make Ms Martin's last week in Year 5 and teaching full of more memorable moments. We loved seeing the look of surprise and joy on her face, particularly during her special Assembly items. A big well done to Year 5 and 6 students who helped with Ms Martin's ''Thank you'' video and all those who helped make her ''Dancing Queen' video such a unique and memorable moment for everyone watching. We wish Ms Martin all the best and thank her so much for being such a wonderful and inspiring teacher.

Unit of Inquiry

These past few weeks have seen us concluding our fantastic unit on Historical Evidence. We have enjoyed taking our thinking to the next level and seeing students engaged in their investigations, hunting for and curating evidence based on historical events and then presenting them to the class. It was incredible to see the creative ways that students showed their understandings, with many role-playing and creating great videos to show their findings.

It was also wonderful to share our Sovereign Hill experience with all of Minimbah during our School Assembly, which focused on gratitude. We were so proud of the students who presented at assembly and all Year 5 students for their resilience and appreciation for this fantastic experience.

Last week, we began our New Unit of Inquiry, focusing on How we Organise Ourselves. We will be exploring and inquiring into what makes a successful business and the various components that help to inspire and achieve success in a business sense. We are very excited about this unit, and the ideas and wonderings students have shared so far have been fascinating.


Our Literacy sessions included various learning experiences, from refining and extending vocabulary through spelling sessions and tasks. The development of reading strategies, including text analysis and connecting to stories through our Book Club sessions, and developing and refining students' written and oral language skills through debating and preparing argumentative writing pieces.

A highlight for us over the past few weeks has been our GREAT DEBATE. Our debate was based on an old Philosophical problem and was also inspired by real-life events around who is the rightful owner of an ancient flute. Students formed groups that each represented a different perspective and worked collaboratively via a break out rooms during our Live Learning Sessions to develop and refine their arguments. All culminated in a great debate in which a jury of teachers and a judge (Mr Davies ) had to decide a verdict. The students amazed us with their skills, their articulate presentations and their passionate arguments. It was a delightful and memorable moment for us all. Well done, Year 5!


Year 5 have been spending the last few weeks exploring concepts related to Problem Solving and also multiplication. We have been exploring various strategies and skills that we can use to help us solve more complex algorithms.

Year 5 students have been putting in a fantastic effort with their Personal Maths Goals over the past few weeks. Each week, students have been given time and support to identify areas of Maths that they would like to extend and develop, and then have time allocated in the week to work on these goals. We have been so impressed by the focus and dedication students have shown to help improve their skills and reach their own goals. It has been so wonderful seeing them work hard and see their confidence improve.

Book Club

Book Club time has continued to be a highlight of the week for many of us in Year 5. We recently finished our Book Club book, Pax, by Sara Pennypacker. Students loved listening to the story of Peter and his search for his fox, Pax. The engagement and connection that Year 5 had with the story and the characters were truly remarkable, and the responses to the Pax tasks, including the illustration tasks, were incredible.

We are so proud of the efforts and resilience our students have shown these past few weeks.

Seeing their smiling faces and chatting and connecting with them during Live Learning Sessions truly makes our day. We are looking forward to more fun, engaging and memorable moments in the coming weeks.

Year 5 Teachers