Year 3 & 4 Update

When we went into lockdown almost a month ago, most of us envisaged another short return to remote learning. Here we are, nearly a month later! These transitions are difficult for all, the increasing ease with which our students make this transition is a testament to their resilience, adaptability and connection to each other. It gives us great energy to connect with our classes each day, laugh, comfort, and support each other through this.

A highlight of this return to remote learning has been the increased collaboration between students. We utilise break-out rooms and tools such as 'jamboards', making student thinking visible and enabling students to build upon each other's ideas. The high levels of responsibility and engagement our students have shown when given this opportunity have been truly remarkable to see.


Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the question: How does poetry work? We have woven a path through different types of poetry, learned how rhyming poetry could be organised and analysed how different poetic styles can be used for other effects. Students have been challenged to use humour, figurative language, and creative presentation to enhance their poetry.


It has been a joy to see the students developing a deeper understanding of Multiplication and Division concepts. They've seen beyond the written expression and recognise the connections between the topics and real-life applications. Alongside this investigation, our Measurement unit into Area/Perimeter has been a joy to experience. The students have constructed a range of shapes, designed plots of land on Mars and created their Space Invaders. All the while demonstrating their practical application of the four operations to find the Area and perimeter.

Unit of Inquiry

As with everything lately, our last Unit of Inquiry took an abrupt turn as we got sent into lockdown. Unfortunately, our plans to run a Wellbeing Olympics, organised and developed by our students, could not occur. Our students demonstrated the ability to think creatively and ran online Wellbeing Workshops for their peers, a huge success. Throughout the unit, we used the same evidence-based framework to discuss wellbeing used throughout Woodleigh. PERMA, which stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. This provided our students with the language to talk about wellbeing, and their reflections on the wellbeing workshops offered great insight into their newfound understanding. Both hosts and guests reflected on the experience, taking different but essential learnings from the workshops. When we face such challenges, it has been an absolute pleasure to see the students deepen their understanding of their actions to improve their own and others' wellbeing.

Our new Unit of Inquiry, How The World Works, focuses on the central idea that investigating the properties of materials enables people to solve problems, create and innovate. We are excited to provide the opportunity for our students to engage in playful inquiry, testing materials, designing solutions to problems and investigating how materials can be changed.

Thank you for the continued support of the students as they learn from home. We greatly appreciate it.

Year 3 & 4 Classroom Teachers