Y3 & 4 Group News

It’s been a great few weeks back at school following the CLP. Students have been working so well together as they adjust to learning on site once again. We have re-established routines and expectations, with students themselves outlining what is required for a harmonious and productive school environment.


As well as commencing our regular spelling sessions, students have been reading and hearing stories relating to Remembrance Day. Stories such as Alfred’s War, ANZAC Biscuits, and genuine accounts of Australians involved in wars have helped frame students’ understandings of why Remembrance Day is so important. It allows students to acknowledge feelings and respect for those contributing to Australia’s involvement in wars and peacekeeping efforts.

We want to remind parents of the importance of a regular reading routine at home. Although students participate in reading activities at school, reading out of school hours makes a vast difference to students’ gains in reading. Please support your child in developing a regular bedtime reading routine and buying or borrowing books they are interested in. Please also encourage students to record their reading in their school diary to have a broader picture of how often children are reading throughout the week.


We have been exploring fractions in Years 3 and 4, with Year 3 focusing on making, reading, comparing, writing, and renaming common fractions. Year 4 have been consolidating their understandings of common fractions, relating them to decimals fractions (tenths), and exploring hundredths.

Both groups have also revisited symmetry, identifying lines of symmetry, creating symmetrical drawings by tracing pattern blocks, and cutting symmetrical objects after folding paper. We have used the pattern block drawings to add fractions, establishing a total value for a pattern block drawing (assuming that the largest yellow piece is worth one whole).


We have continued to delve into our Inquiry unit, How We Express Ourselves (HWEO). Students have explored the concept of empathy (putting themselves into another’s shoes) through creative writing. They picked a random face from a collection of multicultural people of various backgrounds, as well as a small sample of text. The students used their imagination to write a brief story about the person and how the text relates to the person. All students thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Another way we have explored this unit is to look at the familiar feeling of frustration. Everyone can relate to this feeling. We have looked at expressing our frustration positively through The Arts, including visual art, drama, music, and poetry, among others. It has linked excellently with the Zones of Regulation, empowering students to deal with a Yellow or red emotion positively.

We thank you for your ongoing support as students (and families) resume learning at our beautiful Penbank Campus. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.