Y3 & 4 Update

The classrooms have come back to life with the return of our Year 3 | 4 Learning Community. It has been wonderful to see the students transition back to on-site learning so quickly and keep up the momentum generated during the Continuous Learning Plan. We appreciate your behind-the-scenes work to make their transition back into the classroom such a smooth and rewarding process. A reminder that your child needs to have a hat and mask to wear at school during Term 4. We will encourage the children to keep their hats in their locker and maintain masks throughout the week. Please get in contact if there is any way we can support you or your child over the coming weeks.


Our investigation into ‘How We Express Ourselves’ commenced at home with some beautiful artistic provocations and impressive creations from the students. We have continued along this journey over the past few weeks as we examined the various ways people express themselves creatively. Students have developed a greater awareness of the multiple mediums that artists use and communicate complex ideas such as emotions and humanitarian issues through art.

Please let your class teacher know if you have a personal connection that you think might be relevant to our unit, such as a potential incursion/excursion opportunity.


The students have embarked on a dangerous quest to understand how many narratives align with a structure known at school as the Hero’s Journey. As the students work to improve their writing skills, we’re also guiding them to examine a range of narrative texts and recognise the common elements that enthral an audience and ensure a complete story. We are using this investigation into the narrative to engage in an extended focus on handwriting and the editing process. Grammar, punctuation & spelling are also receiving additional attention as we utilise greater access to students and instantaneous opportunities to provide feedback.


Partitioning is the term given to the process of breaking numbers into smaller parts. For this term, we have done a deep dive into fractions and learned how to partition whole numbers into fractions and how these fractions relate to our number system. We’ve looked at patterns, such as what happens when you keep halving a half and have even begun to expand our thinking into decimal numbers. We’ve looked at so many different representations of fractions and decimals, played mind-bending games, and engaged in some serious problem-solving. Here is a game we love that you could try at home:

GAME: Greater than a half

Create a grid of 12 playing cards.

Player 1 chooses two cards from the grid to make a fraction GREATER than a half.

One card becomes the numerator, and one becomes the denominator.

If they are correct, they keep the cards.

Player 2 has the opportunity to challenge a fraction; however, they must PROVE the fraction is not more significant than a half to steal the cards from Player 1. Once all twelve cards have been used, place another 12 down and repeat.

The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Y3 & Y4 Classroom Teachers