Years 3 & 4 Update

Dear Parents, The brief lockdown was an unfortunate blip on what has been a lovely start to the year. The students demonstrated incredible flexibility and resilience by making the best of the situation and participating wonderfully in our Zoom sessions and SeeSaw tasks. Thank you for supporting your child to learn, maintain their positivity, and helping to make it such a success.

It has also been lovely to meet with you face-to-face and via Zoom for Parent/Teacher Interviews. We have thoroughly enjoyed discussing your children and the learning opportunities that are ahead. As a team, Bron, Sarah, Craig, and James have been meeting to share your insights about your child and strategies to support their learning.


The assembly's preparation was minimal; we were only just back at school, and our schedule allowed very little planning/rehearsal time. However, the students were so excited to have a "real" assembly back in the hall. They helped script and organise a wonderful celebration of their learning so far this year with great enthusiasm. On the day, the students were phenomenal. Outstanding costumes, positive attitude, and spirited performances on the big stage, we were particularly impressed with how they managed the microphone changes, script changes and worked as a team; amazing!

Video highlights of the students' performance are below or you can view on SeeSaw in the announcements section. Thank you to Georgy Sipcic (Educational Support) for filming.

Unit of Inquiry

Our unit has continued to evolve as the students make connections between 'harmony' at school and home. Siblings made truces, rules were written, and personal space negotiated as students worked to ensure everyone at home could be safe and comfortable. It was lovely to see so many examples of bonding activities and expressions of love shared by the kids.

The students were encouraged to look beyond their immediate circle, too, and they were extremely keen to participate in a 'Random Act of Kindness.' Inspired by the many movements around the world, it was so lovely to see the SeeSaw feed fill up with such a variety of kind-hearted gestures by this incredible cohort.

In Literacy, the writer's notebooks have been a massive hit as they enjoy the one-stop spot to collate all their creative ideas. We have been developing our list-writing skills to ensure creative content is easy to create. Students have also enjoyed the variety and student agency provided by our literacy menu. The students select tasks from a rubric of options and utilise their independent learning skills to meet task expectations and develop their ability. The menu is revisited throughout the week, and the possibilities are revitalised in a new selection each week

In Numeracy, we have been working on the base-10 place value system and developing their ability to manipulate numbers based on their value. We investigated how to represent small and large numbers and how we can use the properties of numbers to solve problems. The key is the ability to break numbers up into a variety of parts for easy computation. 

Minimbah Kitchen Garden Explore (MKGE)

There is a buzz in the morning on Thursdays as students excitedly chatter in anticipation for the day ahead. Maree Chynoweth and Bronwyn Burrows have developed an incredible cooking program that is not only educational it is incredibly delicious! Harvesting vegetables from the garden program, the students have been enjoying beetroot and chocolate cupcakes and incredible savoury pumpkin muffins. 

The Garden is blooming, and the vegetables are being harvested as quickly as they're being planted. The students have enjoyed identifying the variety of species and watching their seedlings grow. 

In Explore, the students have been looking at filming and photography techniques. In small groups, write and develop scenarios in which they demonstrate the attributes of being a good learner!


Earphones/Headphones for school - Please discuss with your child and ensure they have access to earphones or headphones that work for them as they are vital to the program. They're utilised for audiobooks, instructional videos, and reflecting on their learning on SeeSaw. Headphones that cover the ears have been more successful in terms of use and longevity for most students.

Microwaves and sandwich-press machines are available for the students to use at lunchtime. If toasting their sandwich, students are required to wrap them in Baking Paper at home. Access to the equipment is a privilege, and if it is not used responsibly, the microwave and sandwich press will be removed. It is the students' responsibility to ensure they're demonstrating respect for the classroom environment and that all kitchen equipment and the cooking area are kept clean. 

Year 3 & Year 4 Classroom Teachers