Y1 Update

It has been wonderful to witness the buzz in the air over the past few weeks as Year 1 settle back into the classroom for our final term of the year.

Our daily Circle Time sessions have enabled us to focus on the 3 R’s (Respect for Self, Others, and the Environment), re-establish classroom routines, provide a time for oral communication and active listening, and learn new concepts and skills in a fun and supportive environment.

In Literacy, we have been learning about nouns, adjectives, and verbs. We have experimented with using these parts of speech when writing and are developing a bank of words to enhance the quality of our writing.

This term, we are running our Read Write Inc (RWInc) program four days per week. These sessions focus on developing fluency when reading and skills in comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. We are also expanding our skills in proofreading, and editing our work and correct letter formation.

In Numeracy, we have investigated ½ and ¼ and explored different ways to represent these fractional parts. Our problem-solving sessions have focused on identifying keywords and selecting the correct process to solve a problem.

We have also been revising counting patterns, place value, and the four processes (+, -, ÷, x) through hands-on experiences and games. These sessions have provided the students with opportunities to explore critical mathematical concepts in a fun and supportive way.

We have now begun our final Unit of Inquiry for this year, How we express ourselves.

An inquiry into:

  • How light & sound work as a function
  • How people use light & sound as a form of expression

As a group, we have shared our ideas about what it means to express ourselves. We have looked at different forms of expression and how light and sound are used.

This past week we began exploring how sound is created and experimented with creating sounds using natural and manufactured materials. It was fantastic to witness the enthusiasm and creativity of the students as they experimented with different materials and objects to create their unique sounds. They particularly enjoyed sharing their sound creations with their peers and describing the emotions that their music portrayed.

I look forward to witnessing more memorable moments and sharing many learning experiences as we head towards the end of this term.

Year 1 Classroom Teacher