Year 1 & 2 Update

While we have been online this term, Years 1 and 2's have discovered the world around them while at home. And we thought we would take this opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic work they have been doing.

We started with our adventures of Stickman

Stickman was fun because I got to video it and makeup stories. I was open-minded when I was thinking up all the different things he could do. Sasica

Then, based on the engaging time we spent at Overport Park building huts, we decided to apply those skills to what we could build at home.

I liked designing and building the cubbies the best. Ewan

I liked cubbies and cooking. Jesse

We were then inspired by the change we saw all around us as the seasons changed from Winter to Spring. We investigated what other changes we could find and make.

I enjoyed the celery task and making them change colour. Ike

I liked the cooking, vinegar eggs, building a giant cubby and the scary cinnamon experiments. Oscar

And those of us who were on-site at school on Discovery Day had a wonderful time exploring the creek and being adventurous there.

I like playing with Phoebe, making ochre, and painting the teachers' hands in ochre. Abbie

I enjoyed going down to the creek and being a risk-taker jumping in. Elise

We thought about what sort of learners we were as we were discovering.

I have been creative, caring and reflective because I have always thought about things. JJ

When we were making fluffy slime, I think I was a risk-taker because I accidentally put too much activator in, but it made it better! Imogen

I have been a risk-taker with baking and knowledgeable and a thinker when building a cubby. Maddi

When I have been cooking on Discovery Day, I have been caring because I have been sharing everything I have made. William

We then reflected on why we love the Discovery Day tasks and how they can differ from the rest of our online learning.

It lets us explore things we're interested in because we have choices. It's also good not to be using the iPad all day. Ashley

Discovery day is different to other learning because we don't have to be in front of iPads all the time, and we can go outside and explore or do fun learning with our family. Bella H

Year 1 & 2 Teachers