To me, the Wugubank partnership is all about sharing. We share our different cultures, and accept each other for who we are. We put aside our differences, and learn off each other. Together, we are able to show each other our country, share stories and have a great time. Penbank students are able to go to many amazing places such as Top Yard and Beswick Falls, where we learn about the country. Wugularr students will visit the city and the snow, where they can learn about our way of life.

On each trip, we have many stunning experiences, and create new friendships. I was able to make friends with lots of different people just by smiling at them. We spent time together, getting to know each other a little better. We were able to socialize despite our culture and language barriers, and also learn off each other.

Many of the Penbank students talk a lot, and the Wugularr mob have taught us to look and observe our surroundings before we ask questions. We have learnt that life isn’t about ‘I’ and ‘me’, it’s about ‘us’ and ‘we’. Even though they have so little, they are grateful for everything and smile every time you see them.

Just walking through the streets in Beswick, you are greeted by smiling faces. Everyone is excited to see you, and as soon as you hop out of the car people run over to see you. The school is crowded with happy children, excited to see each other again. At night, when the red dust finally settles, I wave boh-boh to the Wugularr mob, sad to say goodbye.

Barunga celebrated culture, and the amazing animal sculptures hanging off the trees are bright and colourful. Bats are dripping off the trees, and both white and black people can walk around, smiling at each other. All of us were extremely happy, and when we found out that the Wugularr footy team; the Beswick Bears have won the premiership we let a huge cheer out.

When it is time to go, we are sad to say goodbye. We have had such a good time together, and we are already looking forward to seeing each other again. As black hands hold onto white, the sun sets on a fabulous day. We have left, although I still have memories. Shashianna and Shauntay laughing in the sunlight, and Jonita running up to hug me as we meet again. Richelle painting snakes on our canvas, and Leah grinning across the playground. I am so grateful to have had these amazing experiences, and will cherish these memories forever.

We have a lot to be thankful for, and going up to see the Wugularr mob is definitely something to be grateful for. There were so many amazing opportunities, and places and people to learn from. I was lucky enough to have a tour of the art and culture centre, where my friends from Wugularr explained what each painting was about. Wugularr is such a happy place, where right from the beginning you feel welcomed.

I have learnt so much, and I hope to put all of that into practice. I will think of others before myself, be grateful for every opportunity I have, and make the most of them. I will also observe what others are doing, before I ask questions that aren’t really needed. Wugubank is a fantastic program, and I am excited to see what other exhilarating things we will be able to do together.

Written by Tealia H – Y6