Woodleigh Explores - developing capabilities for living & learning

This week we launched our Woodleigh Explores Workshop Series for parents of learners in the Junior Campuses. In the session, we explored the types of skills that are important for living and learning, as well as how we support their development at Woodleigh.

At Woodleigh, we group skills into five broad categories: Thinking Skills, Research Skills, Communication Skills, Self-Management Skills & Social Skills. Each category is then broken down into more specific subsets of skills, such as critical and creative thinking. These skills are supported and developed through units of inquiry where students learn about important concepts and areas of knowledge, while developing specific skills. As an example of our approach, our Year One classes this term have been learning about systems that help communities to function effectively, while also learning to think critically.

We are learning about…

We are learning to…

• Systems in our community

•How systems can help us function

•People’s  responsibility within systems

•Think critically by analyzing different systems in our community

•Think critically by evaluating the effectiveness of different systems

The skills of analysis and evaluation are important in thinking critically. We can learn how to analyse by thinking about the parts of a system, how they are connected and interdependent, and what can go wrong when a given part stops working.  Students can explore these ideas and think about systems in ways that are developmentally appropriate for their age and stage, such as the study of organisation and transport systems for Year One, or democratic systems for Year Six, while also learning transferable skills such as analysis and evaluation.

For example, if you watch this clip and then discuss the following questions:

  • What are the parts of the system?
  • How do the parts affect each other? 
  • What would happen if parts of the system stopped working? Why?
  • Could you make this system more effective? How or why not?

The language used to describe skills is part of the IB PYP and MYP frameworks which means we have a coherent approach from our youngest learners in the Early Years through to secondary school.

Our next Woodleigh Explores workshop for junior campus parents will be held on Thursday 28 May, we’d love to see lots of you there.

Head of Learning – PYP