International Women's Day Reflection

I, together with the Year 11 and 12 cohorts, spent this Tuesday's Homestead session at Woodleigh's International Women's Day Event. We honoured the day listening to special guests, Hannah Guy and Meghan O'Malley, who share their mission to support and empower women across developing countries and fight for more sustainable fashion industry.

Hannah is a co-founder of Dorsu, an ethical clothing company in Cambodia that Woodleigh has maintained a relationship with over many years. Meghan is the founder of Humiform, a clothing company with designs aimed towards expressing issues that matter to young people.

An area of the conversation I found particularly interesting was when Hannah and Meghan brought to light the harm created by 'fast-fashion,' something I'm sure we're all guilty of doing as it feels so natural in today's society.
Hannah has seen how damaging 'fast-fashion' can be to women in developing countries. As a result, her clothing brand is dedicated to supporting these women by creating a safe and positive environment where they can develop skills.

Unfortunately, across Cambodia, along with the rest of the world, COVID-19 has caused widespread job loss to help Woodleigh is fundraising for crisis packages to provide the workers of Dorsu. Please help us raise money by donating to a great cause.

The event continued with words from Peta Murphy, the Federal Member for Dunkley. Peta shared the story of Louisa Dunkley, an Australian telegraphist in the 1880s who campaigned for equal pay for men and women. The Dunkley Electorate was named after Louisa in 1984, and in 2019 Peta became its first female representative. This story highlights the courage and determination of women in the past and present, and I feel confident we will continue to see the same in the future.

The event was a brilliant way to celebrate women's strength; it was inspirational to hear from three strong female role models fighting to create a positive change within our community.