Why We Go On Camp

Twice a year, lessons at Woodleigh Campus stop for what I and our teachers regard as a critical part of the educational experience offered at Woodleigh.

Our Homestead Camp and Activities Week Programs offer a week-long, immersive program where students are directly engaged in real-world learning. Out of the classroom and working together, Woodleigh students have a chance to live by the consequences of their actions and, as a result of the 24/7 nature of the experience, develop deeper relationships with their peers, while connecting with staff on another level.

Collaboration and teamwork are non-negotiable. Ask any Outward Bound veteran! And as a result of the challenges faced by students they stretch beyond their usual boundaries, developing new skills, resiliency and taking the opportunity to put their personal values into action.

Last term I had the great pleasure to once again journey the Overland Track in Tasmania with a group of Year 11 and 12 students. Our route of some 80 kilometres took us through some of this country’s most pristine and spectacular wilderness. Seeing students working to support each other was most rewarding. Refreshing too was watching them connect with and appreciate the natural environment, while finding new ways to chill out and play without the distraction or aid of technology.

Once again, our students were a true credit to our School. Their interactions with other hikers along the track, and the way in which they respectfully supported them on their journey, made me very proud.

Woodleigh is the only school I know of where all teachers take an active role in delivering the School’s Camp Program. I want to thank all the staff for their amazing work that ensures we are able to offer these transformational learning opportunities so regularly for all our students as they journey through Woodleigh.

Jonathan Walter – Principal