What's Ahead?

Assessment and Reporting

A busy term of assessment, students in Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 participate in the NAPLAN Assessment program. Organised by Justin (on behalf of students at Penbank) and Woodleigh’s IT team, all Woodleigh students will participate in this assessment online.

Rather a huge undertaking, I thank Lance Pilgrim and the IT team for their diligent management of this change. Apart from the writing assessment, all other areas are tested online. Students have sat preliminary ‘mock’ tests to, as much as possible, ensure that all goes well. Good luck to all!

Along with the NAPLAN, teachers are involved in ongoing assessment that informs school reports. These student reports will be issued to parents towards the end of term.



National Reconciliation Week 

In the spirit of reconciliation, I am delighted that Mitch from the Wugularr School and two assistants will be visiting Penbank during National Reconciliation Week.

In exchange, Lorraine Ford and Chris Dinnage will be going to Wugularr to support the Wugularr team in a variety of teaching practices and professional learning opportunities. Traditionally, National Reconciliation Week is the time when the Wugularr students visit us, however, with the success of their visit in Term 1, this is likely to continue.

Wugubank, a cultural relationship that unites two schools and their communities through educational experiences and community engagement, provides opportunities that enable people to learn through a two-way experience. With quality education central to children’s wellbeing and lives for now and the future, the opportunity for this exchange will support ‘closing the gap’ for Aboriginal children through teacher engagement and professional learning and sharing.

Last year, a proportion of the PFG Easter fundraising supported Wugularr community members to visit Penbank, and I am delighted the PFG have been able to do the same this year. 

Enormous thanks to the PFG – thank you Julie Collins and team – truly making a difference!